Rainbow Six Siege Delay is great news

rainbow six siegeUbisoft has officially announced that Rainbow Six Siege will be delayed from its original launch date of October 13th to December 1st. The reasons cited for the delay are right in light with predictions I have made about Ubisoft’s lineup and their new attitude and approach after the poor launch and reception of Assassin’s Creed Unity. I have been repeatedly asked if I think the new titles from Ubisoft will deliver and I keep pointing to the video where they basically apologized for Unity. In the video they express a commitment to improving quality and focus on future titles and releases. To a point the video is unprecedented and delaying titles is consistent with the refreshing message. Continue reading


The Division – Policing your friends

tom clancy's the divisionOne of the most surprising and exciting reveals from E3 this year was gameplay from The Division that featured the Darkzone multiplayer mode. There were numerous things about the reveal that were intriguing, from the looting aspects, to the surprise of running into other live players, to the choice of avoiding higher level AI enemies, but most shocking was the betrayal at the climax of the video. If you haven’t seen the footage, players are given the choice to betray their team and then steal their coveted Darkzone gear that they just looted as a team. I still have concerns about how well they will manage player saturation and feeling like you constantly run into players as so many people enjoy trolling rather than working together. However, some news has me hopeful for how organic the experience will end up being. Continue reading

Ghost Recon Wildlands – Choice Changes Everything

ghost recon wildlandsThe Tom Clancy series Ghost Recon has been a long standing franchise in the shooter genre. As with many titles similar to it the campaigns were typically interesting, full of gadgets and planning, but mostly linear and somewhat predictable. The most recent title, Future Soldier, was delayed numerous times and even felt a little “over cooked” as it contained dated elements and a nauseating amount of somewhat amateur feeling cut scenes. At this year’s E3 Ubisoft made an impressive showing with a new Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and the brand new IP, The Division. Each game brings a unique point of view and identity, appealing to a wide swath of shooter fans. The thing that stood out the most to me with Ghost Recon Wildlands was the significant level of choice given to the player. Continue reading

Rainbow Six Siege might be too hard

Rainbow Six SiegeI’ve certainly had my fair share of opinions about PVP shooters. Recently I wrote about and made a video discussing why PVP shooters aren’t fun anymore, and also called for veteran gamers to walk away from Call of Duty. Most of the footage and press about Rainbow Six Siege has me intrigued, but still very apprehensive. I managed to download and watch the closed alpha footage before it was taken down, and I learned a valuable lesson in uploading commentary on video game footage that a company doesn’t want to be seen. But what I also learned was that Rainbow Six Siege is going to be hard and may turn away most fans of shooters. Chris Watters at Gamespot confirmed some of my concerns about this title that has already received a good amount of hype and anticipation. Continue reading