Destiny Rift Gameplay Improvements

Destiny The Taken King RiftDestiny is officially in year 2 with the launch of The Taken King and I thoroughly enjoyed the two new PVP game modes in the week leading up to the release of the expansion. Rift is easily the mode with the most potential for competitive gaming, but in a way that allows players of varying skill levels enjoy it. However, after just one week in the game type there are some elements that I think could be improved for the overall quality of the game and enjoyment for everyone. Continue reading

Destiny PVP is changing for the better

destiny pvp mayhem riftI recently wrote about and made a video entitled, “Destiny PVP is finally fun”, and after another fun day in the two new game modes, Rift and Mayhem, I started to see the writing on the wall: Destiny PVP is changing. For many players this is a welcome change as virtually every person I’ve talked to or played with has unanimously said this is the most fun they have had in Destiny PVP. And a lot of these players are like me and have been pretty unenthused and uninterested in Destiny PVP, especially Trials of Osiris and The Iron Banner. This is when I realized why the player versus player side of Destiny was changing and why I think it will help player engagement. Continue reading

Destiny PVP is finally fun

Destiny PVPI have been pretty open and honest about my complete lack of engagement with Destiny PVP from very early on. Trials of Osiris received more criticism from me as I saw their intentions but ultimately think it failed to pull in and deliver a good experience for everyone. When The Taken King was detailed and new PVP game modes were outlined and described I could tell they were trying to convince players like myself to tip our toes back into the pool. After just one day in the two new games, Rift and Mayhem, I can honestly say that I’m incredibly excited to play PVP in Destiny which is something I never thought I would say or feel. Continue reading