The Elder Scrolls Online First Impressions

The Elder Scrolls OnlineIf you would rather watch me play The Elder Scrolls Online than read a review, you can follow my stream here and ask me questions live on my daily twitch stream.

The long awaited continuation of The Elder Scrolls franchise has finally arrived on consoles. Last year the game was supposed to launch across all platforms but was halted and delayed due to its horrible performance and reception on the PC. Thankfully more games are taking the approach to delaying games after some big AAA titles suffered from embarrassing and bumbled launches. The Elder Scrolls Online received a lot of well deserved harsh criticism for the early versions on the PC, but we are not in Kansas anymore, this game looks and runs beautifully. Yes, servers are having issues, but that should be expected with an MMO during the launch week. If you go to Amazon right now, literally every 1 star review is just someone griping about the servers. Don’t listen to these people as they are not reviewing the game but venting about a problem we just have to accept with a game and a community that is this large and this instantaneous. So where does the actual game shine, and where does it fall short? Continue reading

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age InquisitionAs someone who is slightly embarrassed by two unfinished false starts of Skyrim, I am thoroughly enjoying Dragon Age Inquisition. It wasn’t Skyrim’s fault, and it may not be Dragon Age’s fault either if I fail to land the plane of their monstrous release. I’m far enough in the game, however, to praise the praiseworthy and give criticism to a few shortcomings. Continue reading

Is freedom in video games a good thing?

shadow of mordorWe’ve all been there, playing a new game and you get an idea about a flank, a strategy, or something creative you want to try, but you can’t do it. Restrictions, limitations, or a scripted approach keeps you in line. Some games can feel more like an interactive movie, where you simply mash the buttons as the predetermined encounters play out. You feel constrained, maybe even annoyed, and you can start to get bored. But is the answer to give us nearly unrestricted freedom? Can too much freedom create the opposite problem? Continue reading