Today is the last day of the XBOX Ultimate Game Sale

gamesaleToday is the last day to take advantage of the huge sale XBOX is having. Many of its big name titles are marked down significantly, with titles like Alien:Isolation selling at 60% off for Gold Members and Sniper Elite III for 80% off for Gold Members. Continue reading


Is freedom in video games a good thing?

shadow of mordorWe’ve all been there, playing a new game and you get an idea about a flank, a strategy, or something creative you want to try, but you can’t do it. Restrictions, limitations, or a scripted approach keeps you in line. Some games can feel more like an interactive movie, where you simply mash the buttons as the predetermined encounters play out. You feel constrained, maybe even annoyed, and you can start to get bored. But is the answer to give us nearly unrestricted freedom? Can too much freedom create the opposite problem? Continue reading

Does the narrative of a video game matter?

BorderlandsAs far back as I can remember video games have always been about telling a story. Whether it was Mario traveling through strange worlds to save Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser, or Link attempting to find Zelda by traversing dungeons, deserts, and castles, or battling against the wits, humor, and insanity of Handsome Jack, games have always been about a story. But how important is the story? Are there times where the narrative matters more, matters less, or doesn’t matter at all? Continue reading