Destiny – Expanding The Prison of Elders

destiny prison of eldersAfter taking a break from Destiny I have been diving back into runs on The Prison of Elders and Nightfalls. I still maintain that The Prison is some of the best and most enjoyable PVE content in Destiny next to the Raids. The Raids lacked accessibility and ease of engagement, but with a full team they were always pretty fun once the kinks got worked out of a new group. The Prison of Elders can be engaged with fairy easily since the fire teams can be smaller and once your team hits a stride they can be beaten much faster than raids. However, the more I play it the more potential I see for expanding this piece of Destiny. Continue reading

Prison of Elders Reveal : The good, the bad, and the yelling

Destiny House of Wolves Prison Of EldersBungie has been doing a very consistent push for their next DLC piece, House of Wolves, with Twitch streams where they reveal the new content. I already did a post and video about the first reveal and how it looks to improve the game significantly with numerous additions and fixes requested by the community. I also remarked that the new game mode, The Prison of Elders, was exciting to see because the community had consistently asked for a “horde” mode. After watching the reveal of the new game mode I can definitely say that Bungie has delivered a fresh piece of challenging content that looks to add some great depth and replayability, two things the game has lacked up to this point. Unfortunately the reveal did have a few factors that really hurt the quality and function as a promotional piece so I will talk about that first. Continue reading