Nintendo’s E3 theme: embracing irrelevancy

nintendo starfox puppetI have already written about how this year’s E3 had both Microsoft and Sony landing squarely on their feet with stellar presentations. It was refreshing to see distinct and polished showcases that showed the path forward for future games as well as a commitment to loyal fans and established franchises. With the bar set high by Sony, Microsoft, and even game companies like Ubisoft and Bethesda, the stage was set. And Nintendo seemed to do everything in their power to trip over themselves while basking in their own nostalgia. As a gamer who sat wide eyed before a glowing television on Christmas morning as the original Nintendo turned on for the first time it was especially disappointing to see a company fall from dominance into a dated pile of irrelevance. Continue reading

Angry Joe is right about Nintendo

Angry JoeAs an aspiring YouTuber I have grown to enjoy and really respect the work, artistry, and thoughtfulness that Angry Joe puts into his videos and show (WARNING: He uses foul language on the regular). You can tell he is passionate about video games, but also that he strives to have quality content, fair criticism, and accurate praise for all the various video games that he plays and reviews. Recently, however, he encountered a bothersome problem with Nintendo’s policy about creating videos with their games when he made a “let’s play” video for Mario Party 10. To put it concisely, Nintendo wants 40% of any ad revenue from videos that contain their games and his video got flagged. In light of what many other game companies are doing, this is jaw-droppingly stupid. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Angry Joe has sworn off doing any Nintendo videos or agreeing to their greedy terms. I think he’s right, and all game channel YouTubers should follow suit. Continue reading