Borderlands 3 – Drop it like it’s Diablo

Borderlands 2 loot dropBorderlands fans all enjoy different things about the game, but there is one thing we all love: the loot. Some players farm for hours just to get one legendary, others prowl forums and twitch streams looking for someone to dupe items for them, and some even hack into their games or play with randomizer mods to get crazy strong weapons and gear. To a certain extent loot turns into the sole focus for many gamers as the story and characters become secondary. I’ve already done a post and have video coming about how they can change legendaries to de-incentivize duping, but honestly they could just do something to make duping impossible. If they were to do this, I think it would be immediately necessary to have individual loot drops like in Diablo 3. And even if they don’t, individual loot drops would minimize the need and temptation to dupe. Continue reading

Inside Video Games: Incentivizing Behavior Part 1

DestinyNow that we’ve talked about the lack of fun in many big name titles and the subsequent genres and games they inspire, we can talk about incentivizing behavior. Many of the biggest games in circulation are massive with respect to player base, and quite logically their success depends on the players continuing to play and buy new content and releases. I would like to look at two big titles that are historically and presently known for controversy within their community’s behavior. I had to break this subject into two posts because each title deserves a fair amount of treatment in order to make my point. First up… Continue reading