Borderlands 3 – Classic Legendaries

borderlands hellfireI have already written a post and have a video coming about legendary weapons in my series of posts about ways Gearbox can improve and expand their franchise with Borderlands 3. Something that has been a lot of fun has been brainstorming ideas with fellow fans of Borderlands while I stream on my Twitch. While we were discussing my video about legendary weapons someone asked me what I thought about classic legendary weapons making an appearance in the future title. At first I pushed back on the idea, but then came up with a cOol way they could be implemented. Continue reading

Borderlands 3 – Rethinking Legendary Items

Borderlands LegendaryBorderlands has always been a franchise where legendary weapons are coveted and hunted for by both the casual and hardcore fans of the game. In all three of the current titles the best and most illusive weapons have been cause for both criticism and controversy. Some have said the drop rates are too low, and I tend to agree with them. It’s also a point of disagreement within the community about whether or not duping weapons is acceptable or wrong, and some even go so far as to hack into their game to boost their weapons and gear. Recently the adjusting of legendary drop rates from Gearbox has been well received and has also seen a surge of increased engagement on YouTube channels and Twitch streams. Hopefully this means they are looking into improving or changing how legendaries behave in the next title, so I’m going to put forth my own suggestion on what they could do. Continue reading