House of Wolves: No raid is good and unsurprising

house of wolvesThe announcement of the next DLC for Destiny has already garnered a lot of attention. I already did a post and video with my impressions and thoughts about how good the trailer is and how it proves Bungie has been their own worst enemy. Something I didn’t realize until I made my video was that the new content was not going to be including a raid. Even though I think both of the current raids are some of the best and most creative pieces of content in Destiny, I actually found the lack of a raid to be good news, while not very surprising. Continue reading

Destiny House of Wolves Trailer proves Bungie is their own worst enemy

Destiny House of WolvesThe trailer and the month of release for the next installment of Destiny, House of Wolves, has been released. May 2015 is the window given for when the next piece of DLC will be available from Bungie. Fans of the franchise will be excited to see a very dramatic and cinematically rich trailer, especially in light of the numerous cut scenes from the game that lacked the power and emotion one would hope to see in a big AAA title. As someone who has been consistently critical of Destiny because I enjoy it enough to want to see it improve, I couldn’t help but get excited at the experience teased in the almost 2 minute clip. But as I thought about the reality that the content coming in May probably should have been in the launched version of the game, the quality of the trailer and the story contained within it made me realize just how counterproductive Bungie has been with the way they have treated their title. Continue reading