Halo 5 Borrowed from Unreal Tournament

Halo-5-Guardians-WarzoneRecently the details of a new game mode that will be in Halo 5 Guardians actually has me, for the first time, interested in Halo PVP. An obvious challenge facing established franchises that offer player versus player multiplayer is giving avenues and in-roads to new players without feeling they are completely out of their league. Call of Duty attempted to do this with their game and turned every game in to crap shoot where you aren’t able to get any consistency out of the gun play and hit detection. It seems that 343 Industries are attempting to add game modes with a more expanded accessibility not by dumbing down the game, but by opening up the action. One of my all-time favorite PVP game modes and games was Onslaught in Unreal Tournament 2004, and it was incredibly similar to the new Warzone game mode coming with Halo 5. Continue reading

Halo 5 may improve all multiplayer games

halo 5Anyone who has played a multiplayer game online knows how frustrating glitches or bugs can be. One of my primary concerns about future next-gen titles that utilize PVP modes is that they will continue to use old mechanics and methods while repeating entrenched problems. Sure, new games may look amazing and add new content, but if the online arenas aren’t cleaned up from lag or exploits, many of us will continue to feel it’s a fruitless endeavor. News from the devs over at 343 Industries has me hopeful for the future of online multiplayer, specifically PVP. Continue reading