Borderlands Trivia Twitch Stream

Borderlands the Handsome CollectionI am going to be Twitch streaming Borderlands trivia all week as a way for you to earn extra entries in a giveaway that I do every 50 followers on Twitch. Two people have already won! So be sure to click here, follow me on Twitch, and tune in each morning at 7am until around 11am. I will also stream in the afternoon starting at 1pm. I’m trying to find the best times to stream for my followers. Also check to have Twitch notify you when I start streaming so you don’t miss out on trivia!! It looks like this…

twitch notify

Twitch Giveaway Winner Announcement!

twitchI have been doing a Twitch giveaway to show my appreciation to all my followers on my Twitch. I have also been doing Borderlands trivia during my stream as a way to give my viewers extra entries in the drawing for the $20 prize. Every 50 followers I will do giveways and I’m already 3 followers away from 100! So this post is to announce my first winner from yesterday when we I hit my first milestone of 50 followers. He had 7 extra entries from answering Borderlands trivia while watching me stream The Pre-Sequel from The Handsome Collection. Congratulations SquidBob30! Thrilled you won and that the extra entries seem to help!

Guys if you want a chance to win, just follow my twitch as the first and required step. Second make sure Twitch notifies you when I’m streaming by checking the box “Notify me when the broadcaster goes live”. It looks like this… twitch notify

This will ensure you never miss out on trivia and a way to get extra entries in my giveaways. I will be doing bigger giveaways than just $20 at my bigger milestones, as I have some Skullcandy Headphones to giveaway. So be sure to follow and tune in whenever I stream! Many people said it was the most fun they have had watching a twitch stream and I really appreciate that! It’s been an absolute blast and I look forward to more fun streams, trivia, and prize giveaways!!