Remastered games are good for gaming

Gears of war ultimate editionThe next-gen landscape continues to fill up with remastered versions of popular video games. Recently launched was Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Dishonored Definitive Edition, and many are still hoping the original Borderlands gets a remaster. I consistently, however, hear people decrying this as a cheap cash grab that needs to stop. While I can understand gamers wanting more new games as opposed to re-worked old ones, I think we may be missing out on how remastered games can help the industry. However, I do think some ports, like Dishonored, were sloppily done and I called for people to not buy it after my poor experience with it. Continue reading

LawBreakers – MOBA Shooters a new norm

LawBreakersGears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has unveiled a new game, LawBreakers, that will be a free-to-play multiplayer shooter. LawBreakers will be the first release from the new studio Boss Key, and it’s being described as a, “five-on-five, team-based shooter where law enforcement squares off against criminals”. In a similar vein to what we have seen from Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic, it has clear MOBA influences with a dynamic cast of characters to choose from. There are some things in the gameplay trailer that have me excited, but given how many other titles are falling into this new category I have some concerns. Continue reading

Video games suck, and players are part of the problem

Louis C.K.Many who look at the current landscape of video games come to two very different conclusions. Some say the games are sub-par, unimpressive, and disappointing, while others say gamers are self-entitled, whiney, and can’t be satisfied. In a similar vein to the way political debates break down into party allegiances and talking points, both sides hotly criticize and blame the other. I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on the problem because I see validity to both views. Games are regularly launching fraught with problems, and gamers are the most vocally negative group of people I’ve ever interacted with. But how did it end up this way? A lightbulb went off when I read David Thier’s thoughts on how the reviews of The Order:1886 prove that something is changing in video games. Continue reading