Borderlands 3 – Rethinking Relics

Borderlands 2 relic 3Continuing my series on Borderlands 3 and the ways they can improve the franchise without losing their identity, I want to talk about relics. In Borderlands 2 you can find relics that add a variety of buffs to your character. Generally it’s an item where what you find is too random or narrow to help your current build so you just end up getting rid of almost all of them. For example, relics that improve shield performance or action skill cool down are helpful in a broad sense, while a relic that offers DAHL recoil reduction is too narrow or specific to even be used. I understand that in a game like Borderlands you are going to have a lot of “cannon fodder” loot, which is acceptable as it gives the world a vibrant and exciting feel and makes finding awesome items all the more thrilling. I think they can get more mileage and usage out of relics without completely changing how they work. Continue reading


Borderlands 3 – Adding Pets

Borderlands BloodwingAs a huge Borderlands fan I have been kicking around ideas with fellow fans of the franchise during my daily twitch stream. I’ve decided to do a series of posts with my various ideas about how to create depth and vibrancy in a game that already has tons of variety. The challenge for Borderlands, with three titles, a unique aesthetic, and a well woven and long story, is avoiding two chasms: adding so much they lose their identity or not adding enough and boring their fan base. Both pathways are tempting as you can ensure purchases with either approach, so I would like to make suggestions on how to add things that will allow the wonderful tones and themes from the original games to carry through without hampering the game and keeping it down. Continue reading

Borderlands 3: Tiny Tina and Torgue playable?

Tiny TinaIt’s no secret that I am a huge Borderlands fan, so I’m already looking forward to Borderlands 3. I’ve already sent Randy Pitchford story ideas, action skill ideas, and started this site and my YouTube channel after writing a lot of content about video games to send to him. It’s probably unlikely that I will ever be hired by a video game company because I lack industry experience, but I’m thoroughly enjoying making videos and streaming on my twitch. Something that has consistently come up when I’ve streamed The Handsome Collection and did Borderlands trivia has been people asking if I think Tiny Tina, Torgue, and other fan favorite NPC’s should be playable in Borderlands 3. As a huge fan of Tiny Tina and Torgue, I surprised a lot of people with my answer: no, they shouldn’t. Continue reading

Why You Want the First Borderlands on Next-gen

BorderlandsIf you haven’t guessed it yet, Borderlands is my favorite game franchise. The games are jam packed with content, replayability, great graphics, top notch voice acting, and a narrative that strikes a brilliant balance between humorous and serious. I have already said that the Handsome Collection is great news for gamers, but now I turn to why you should buy it: because Randy Pitchford basically said good sales will probably bring the first Borderlands to next-gen as well.
Continue reading

Randy Pitchford: Risk is the path forward for video games

BattlebornAs a huge fan of the Borderlands franchise I’ve been consistently impressed by Gearbox’s president Randy Pitchford. His attitude and approach to games has brought one of the most creative takes on an RPG to the forefront of the gaming industry. And with Borderlands the Handsome Edition around the corner for next-gen consoles, the innovative title Battleborn on the horizon, and the already anticipated Borderlands 3, he has carved out a good portion of the gaming community with a significant fan base. Recently he said something that earned him even more of my respect. When talking about the future of gaming and how it needs to continue to adapt and change he said, Continue reading