LawBreakers – MOBA Shooters a new norm

LawBreakersGears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has unveiled a new game, LawBreakers, that will be a free-to-play multiplayer shooter. LawBreakers will be the first release from the new studio Boss Key, and it’s being described as a, “five-on-five, team-based shooter where law enforcement squares off against criminals”. In a similar vein to what we have seen from Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic, it has clear MOBA influences with a dynamic cast of characters to choose from. There are some things in the gameplay trailer that have me excited, but given how many other titles are falling into this new category I have some concerns. Continue reading

Farming in video games needs put to pasture

destiny farmingRPG elements are becoming more prominent in gaming than ever before. Whether you play a PVP shooter, an action-adventure game, or even a mobile game, progressing and leveling up are almost assumed features. This is a welcome change as it makes any type of game have a sense of movement and progression. But often these mechanics become problematic as progression is linked to slow or tedious missions or objectives. And beyond things that slow down advancement, some players seek unique and rare items or materials often for hours at a time, otherwise known as “farming”. Farming, as I see it, should be more infrequent than it has become in games like Destiny and Borderlands. While in Destiny farming is by design for leveling up your guns and gear, in Borderlands it’s somewhat necessary if you want some of the best loot in the game. So why am I so anti-farming? Continue reading