Evolve DLC sales prove game companies need to rethink DLC

Evolve DLCI already wrote about the disappointing and understandably frustrating DLC approach that happened with Evolve at launch. Gamers were justifiably cynical about a game launching with over $60 of additional aesthetic content, especially since many had already voiced concerns about the price point and lack of content. Evolve’s idea is definitely innovative, and the approach to “multiplayer only” is certainly admirable. Unfortunately their DLC sales numbers are where many of us could foresee them landing. Continue reading


Stop Pre-Ordering Season Passes

Watch Dogs Season PassVideo games continue to increase and add to their worlds and titles with extra downloadable content after a game launches. It can be an easy way to provide extended experiences, add more to the story, and make some relatively easy profit. However, something strange and somewhat sinister has become more common with every big release. For a while games have been offering a season pass, which is a great way for someone to snag all the extra content at a slight discount. More recently though, games have been offering the discount along with other alluring incentives and day one content when you pre-order the season pass. Continue reading

Why Borderlands Handsome Collection is Good News

borderlands handsome collectionGaming has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. Everyone feels burned out by over-hyped titles, bad DLC practices, and buggy launches. With bigger marketing budgets and more pre-order incentives than ever before, games continue to prime the pump for disappointment and frustration. But the clouds are clearing and light is breaking through. Borderlands the Handsome Edition coming to next-gen consoles is good news for everyone, not just gamers who have the newer systems. Continue reading

Evolve’s Backwards Approach to DLC

EvolveWhile I enjoyed the idea and some aspects of Evolve’s gameplay when I tried the alpha, I think their approach to DLC is completely and utterly backwards. Many said, before the game even launched, that the $60 price point felt too high for what the game offered. And then, surprisingly, they release $60 of additional downloadable content on launch day. Granted all of the content is cosmetic varieties like character and gun skins for the game, and this doesn’t even include the $24.99 season pass which has three of its own skins. Some have argued that it’s not evil and helps keep game prices down, and I actually agree with that in principle. The issue here is $60 worth of aesthetic DLC is attached to a game already criticized for being over priced. Continue reading