Destiny – I was wrong about the Gjallarhorn

Destiny GjallarhornIn the wake of Bungie’s first twitch reveal about Destiny The Taken King many players came to a disappointing but unconfirmed realization. Bungie quickly solidified the unsettling news in their weekly update: the Gjallarhorn is getting left behind. One of the major pieces of the reveal about The Taken King was a run down of how year 1 exotics can be leveled up to year 2 status with new perks, power, and even aesthetics. Many are calling foul as we were given the impression that year 1 legendaries were being left behind but that exotics would still have a means to be leveled up. While I think leaving behind the Gjallarhon will be a good decision in the long run, I think Bungie totally botched and mishandled this with respect to the community. Continue reading

Destiny Gjallarhorn Controversy

Destiny GjallarhornThe most sought after gun in Destiny was recently opened up to the masses by Bungie. Obviously this decision, like so many from Bungie, is being simultaneously celebrated and ridiculed with equal fervor on both sides. What surprised me are two things that continued to come out of those being negative about it. First, how many people are upset because so many players will be able to buy the weapon without “earning it”. Second, how many people have overstated the incoming nerf to the Gjallarhorn. I want to talk about both of these misconceptions because I think they are part of a larger problem in Destiny. Continue reading