Destiny Taken King Six Man Patrols

destiny patrolAt this point Bungie has added a lot of cool things that can happen while you are patrolling in Destiny around the different planets. Some of the new missions will even send you on a patrol to kill taken champions that show up in a similar way to how the wolves would prowl in the House of Wolves. I’m actually not a huge fan of how the champions had to be killed within so much time mainly because there is sometimes not enough people around. The same thing can happen when you want to run the Court of Oryx higher tiers and nobody is around to help. So why do we need six man fire teams while on patrol? Continue reading

Destiny Taken King Gunsmith Needs Fixed

Destiny The Taken King Gunsmith ArmsdayDestiny The Taken King has brought a lot of big changes to the game. One of the more exciting things they added was “arms day” which is something the Gunsmith does on Wednesday for those who have earned enough rep to pick guns from his weekly stash. However the way you earn rep with him is less exciting as you take low damage weapons and have to use them on various enemies. While I think the idea is sound and I enjoy using different types and styles of weapons, this needs improvement. Continue reading

Taken King Raid as a strike?

Destiny The Taken King Kings Fall RaidAfter using Destiny’s famous reset day to taken down Oryx I came to a conclusion about what King’s Fall brings to the table in the Taken King. A few of us were wandering around the Dreadnaught in the aftermath of our raid victory and the sharp drop in excitement and intensity made me realize something. Not that there is anything wrong with less involved missions and activities, but it highlighted just how good every square inch of the new raid really is. Continue reading

Destiny The Taken King is Fantastic

destiny the taken kingYear 2 for Destiny is in full swing with the launch of The Taken King. After a week of trying out the new PVP game modes and even taking some of the gunsmith guns for a spin, I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into some new content in Destiny. After two really long streams on my twitch totaling almost 20 hours, I still haven’t completed all the new content for my Titan. While I have a few gripes there just doesn’t seem to be any major shortcomings, yet. The reason I say “yet” is because we all know the true test of this expansion is the repetition and grind that awaits us beyond the new guests, side quests, and shiny loot. Continue reading

Destiny Rift Gameplay Improvements

Destiny The Taken King RiftDestiny is officially in year 2 with the launch of The Taken King and I thoroughly enjoyed the two new PVP game modes in the week leading up to the release of the expansion. Rift is easily the mode with the most potential for competitive gaming, but in a way that allows players of varying skill levels enjoy it. However, after just one week in the game type there are some elements that I think could be improved for the overall quality of the game and enjoyment for everyone. Continue reading

Destiny PVP is changing for the better

destiny pvp mayhem riftI recently wrote about and made a video entitled, “Destiny PVP is finally fun”, and after another fun day in the two new game modes, Rift and Mayhem, I started to see the writing on the wall: Destiny PVP is changing. For many players this is a welcome change as virtually every person I’ve talked to or played with has unanimously said this is the most fun they have had in Destiny PVP. And a lot of these players are like me and have been pretty unenthused and uninterested in Destiny PVP, especially Trials of Osiris and The Iron Banner. This is when I realized why the player versus player side of Destiny was changing and why I think it will help player engagement. Continue reading

Destiny – I was wrong about the Gjallarhorn

Destiny GjallarhornIn the wake of Bungie’s first twitch reveal about Destiny The Taken King many players came to a disappointing but unconfirmed realization. Bungie quickly solidified the unsettling news in their weekly update: the Gjallarhorn is getting left behind. One of the major pieces of the reveal about The Taken King was a run down of how year 1 exotics can be leveled up to year 2 status with new perks, power, and even aesthetics. Many are calling foul as we were given the impression that year 1 legendaries were being left behind but that exotics would still have a means to be leveled up. While I think leaving behind the Gjallarhon will be a good decision in the long run, I think Bungie totally botched and mishandled this with respect to the community. Continue reading

Destiny year 1 – Was it a beta?

destiny year 1The marketing campaign for Destiny’s incoming expansion, The Taken King, is in full swing and players are weighing in about the updates and changes. Something I have continually heard is that the first year of Destiny was basically just a beta and that The Taken King with all the other content is the complete game we all should have received. Now I’ve continually said that the incessant and bothersome weapon balancing has made the game feel like a paid beta with the moving weapon goal posts. I cannot, however, align myself with the idea that the entire first year of the game was a beta and that the game is only just now becoming a complete $60 game. Continue reading

Destiny Gjallarhorn Controversy

Destiny GjallarhornThe most sought after gun in Destiny was recently opened up to the masses by Bungie. Obviously this decision, like so many from Bungie, is being simultaneously celebrated and ridiculed with equal fervor on both sides. What surprised me are two things that continued to come out of those being negative about it. First, how many people are upset because so many players will be able to buy the weapon without “earning it”. Second, how many people have overstated the incoming nerf to the Gjallarhorn. I want to talk about both of these misconceptions because I think they are part of a larger problem in Destiny. Continue reading

Destiny The Taken King finally looks promising

Destiny The Taken King Game Informer CoverThe incoming expansion for Destiny, The Taken King, is the cover story for August’s Game Informer. I have been admittedly very skeptical and worried about the expansion since E3 and the subsequent interviews and updates. Each update seemed to be fostering more mystery than information, and the pre-order incentives still have me a little worried about how some players will feel they were motivated to purchase. Now, almost a month before launch, we have received a substantial amount of information, and not from Bungie, but from Game Informer. While I couldn’t help but feel a small sense of conspiracy theory welling up as I read the well written and wordy article, on the whole it felt very light on hype and heavy on details. Continue reading