Destiny Weapon Balances Hurt the most loyal fans

destiny gjallarhornRecently it was announced that Destiny will be launching a host of new weapon balances. For many this has been a long waited change and update. It will probably be another instance where the community is divided with respect to opinions about whether or not the balances should have happened. Hardcore PVP players and those who finally got a Gjallarhorn are likely to be the ones most frustrated by it. Obviously those on the other side of the issue probably think this is a long awaited and necessary update. I believe this update furthers the lack of confidence many have in the longevity and loyalty of the title and I also believe it strengthens a point I recently made about PVE and PVP needing to be melded. But before I get into the post I want to say something to all of the defenders of the very imbalanced nature of PVP, especially Trials of Osiris, up to this point. Continue reading