Solving the Bullet Sponge problem in Borderlands 3

borderlandsBorderlands is easily one of the most content heavy, fun, and innovative games available. It has a little something for everyone: RPG elements, great humor, gritty and unique graphics, loads of weapons, and a wealth of DLC and replayability. The ability to play through the game multiple times, however, leads to some of the weaknesses in the franchise. Continue reading

Is the AI in video games too stupid?

Far Cry 4Every video game has some level of AI, regardless of genre, platform, or franchise. It might be a Goomba in Mario or a solider in Call or Duty or an alien boss in Destiny. They are all programmed in varying degrees to engage and respond to the player. In more traditional games like Super Mario, the AI is more mechanical with enemies that repeat movement patterns and responses while the user simply memorizes and reacts. Newer games, however, rely on complex systems of AI that engage and attempt to outdo the user in reflex time, accuracy, and movement. But is AI too stupid to keep up with the increasing skill and adeptness of players? Continue reading