Farming in video games needs put to pasture

destiny farmingRPG elements are becoming more prominent in gaming than ever before. Whether you play a PVP shooter, an action-adventure game, or even a mobile game, progressing and leveling up are almost assumed features. This is a welcome change as it makes any type of game have a sense of movement and progression. But often these mechanics become problematic as progression is linked to slow or tedious missions or objectives. And beyond things that slow down advancement, some players seek unique and rare items or materials often for hours at a time, otherwise known as “farming”. Farming, as I see it, should be more infrequent than it has become in games like Destiny and Borderlands. While in Destiny farming is by design for leveling up your guns and gear, in Borderlands it’s somewhat necessary if you want some of the best loot in the game. So why am I so anti-farming? Continue reading


Borderlands 3 – Rethinking Ammo Stations

borderlands ammo dumpBorderlands is a franchise that isn’t shy about their focus on guns, lots and lots of guns. Whether you’re blasting through crowds with a sub machine gun or unloading rockets on a boss, the game has a constant flow of weapons and ammunition. Something that can become a bit tiresome, however, is constantly having to worry about ammo (and money in the early game). And not for the reasons you would probably think. The more you advance in the game the greater amount of ammunition is needed to be carried and used in order to fight the enemies. Usually the increased value of loot and the monetary drops and rewards are enough to keep your cash flow more than sufficient for consistent purchasing of ammo.  What ends up happening however, is the constant need to stop and hammer the purchase button which starts to become mechanical, repetitious, and really unnecessary. So what could be done differently? Continue reading

Borderlands 3 – Leave behind low-grav?

Borderlands low gravityEach new Borderlands title has something extra to give it a distinct identity. The first title set the stage for the franchise with gritty graphics and dark humor. Borderlands 2 offered a massive amount of new guns and characters. And The Pre-Sequel introduced a completely new way to move around with low-grav as you float and butt slam your way around the game world. But is low-grav a good enough feature to be kept in the future title of Borderlands 3? I’m sure there are many mixed and conflicting opinions about this, so I think the best solution is to attempt to please everyone (something I don’t usually advocate). While many think, myself included, that low-grav got a tad tedious and slog-like, others rightly point out the fun and entertaining new element of butt-slamming as a vertical extension to the battlefield and fights. Rather than entertain a false dichotomy of having the feature basically everywhere like it is in The Pre-Sequel or completely absent like in Borderlands 2, I think a middle ground is a better approach. Continue reading

Borderlands 3 – Weapon Crafting

borderlands weaponsBorderlands has centered a lot of its marketing around one major element of their games: the guns. They boast of having millions of guns, and after playing through any of the titles you will really get a sense that when guns drop and show up they rarely look, feel, or behave the same way. Up to this point, however, there has not been any real element of weapon customization or crafting in any of the games. The Pre-Sequel had “the grinder”, but that became a glorified trash can that output the same result with the right recipe, so it had almost no customization factor at all. As I’ve said in previous posts I want to be careful not to suggest something that will take away from the identity of Borderlands while still trying to add something fresh and new to the franchise. Continue reading

Borderlands 3 – Drop it like it’s Diablo

Borderlands 2 loot dropBorderlands fans all enjoy different things about the game, but there is one thing we all love: the loot. Some players farm for hours just to get one legendary, others prowl forums and twitch streams looking for someone to dupe items for them, and some even hack into their games or play with randomizer mods to get crazy strong weapons and gear. To a certain extent loot turns into the sole focus for many gamers as the story and characters become secondary. I’ve already done a post and have video coming about how they can change legendaries to de-incentivize duping, but honestly they could just do something to make duping impossible. If they were to do this, I think it would be immediately necessary to have individual loot drops like in Diablo 3. And even if they don’t, individual loot drops would minimize the need and temptation to dupe. Continue reading

Borderlands 3 – Classic Legendaries

borderlands hellfireI have already written a post and have a video coming about legendary weapons in my series of posts about ways Gearbox can improve and expand their franchise with Borderlands 3. Something that has been a lot of fun has been brainstorming ideas with fellow fans of Borderlands while I stream on my Twitch. While we were discussing my video about legendary weapons someone asked me what I thought about classic legendary weapons making an appearance in the future title. At first I pushed back on the idea, but then came up with a cOol way they could be implemented. Continue reading

Borderlands 3 – Rethinking Legendary Items

Borderlands LegendaryBorderlands has always been a franchise where legendary weapons are coveted and hunted for by both the casual and hardcore fans of the game. In all three of the current titles the best and most illusive weapons have been cause for both criticism and controversy. Some have said the drop rates are too low, and I tend to agree with them. It’s also a point of disagreement within the community about whether or not duping weapons is acceptable or wrong, and some even go so far as to hack into their game to boost their weapons and gear. Recently the adjusting of legendary drop rates from Gearbox has been well received and has also seen a surge of increased engagement on YouTube channels and Twitch streams. Hopefully this means they are looking into improving or changing how legendaries behave in the next title, so I’m going to put forth my own suggestion on what they could do. Continue reading