LawBreakers – MOBA Shooters a new norm

LawBreakersGears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski has unveiled a new game, LawBreakers, that will be a free-to-play multiplayer shooter. LawBreakers will be the first release from the new studio Boss Key, and it’s being described as a, “five-on-five, team-based shooter where law enforcement squares off against criminals”. In a similar vein to what we have seen from Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic, it has clear MOBA influences with a dynamic cast of characters to choose from. There are some things in the gameplay trailer that have me excited, but given how many other titles are falling into this new category I have some concerns. Continue reading

Overwatch – Reaper gameplay

overwatch reaperIf you already read my post about Tracer, another character from Overwatch, you will see some similarities between her and Reaper. He is another dual wielding close quarters offensive player but his weapons, abilities, and movement are quite distinct and in line with his really cool aesthetic. What stands out the most to me is again the smooth mechanics and just fun nature of having a dark ninja looking gunslinger that could be in a haunted western. So many PVP shooters get repetitive because they lack depth, and Overwatch has a very Borderlands-esque character driven format that hopefully creates longevity and fun. Continue reading

Overwatch – Tracer gameplay

overwatch tracerMy excitement for Overwatch continues to grow the more I cover each character. Tracer is bound to be a fan favorite with her fast movement, dual pistols, and teleportation abilities. Similar to the other characters I have covered, Tracer has her own identity, looking sleek and agile with fast firing pistols to match. Fans of dual wielding G-18’s in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will probably be right at home with her as they can quickly run through the map slinging rounds left and right. Continue reading

Overwatch – Zarya Gameplay

overwatch zaryaAs I continue to watch the gameplay and ability details for each character in Blizzard’s new title, Overwatch, we now turn to Zarya. Something that continues to stand out to me is how unique each character looks, but she really puts on full display how cool the weapons get. Her Particle Cannon is sleak, powerful, and menacing. I really like how the characters fit their identity in look and abilities. She’s a stout defensive crowd controlling character, and she looks the part but so does her abilities. Continue reading

Overwatch – Hanzo Gameplay

overwatch hanzoI’ve consinstently expressed my excitement for games like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic as I think they will bring freshness and innovation to the shooter genre. Blizzard is certainly treading into new territory, but they have proven to be one of the more reliable game companies in the industry. The following video shows just how different each character will be. Hanzo scales walls, moves stealthily, and quickly fires lots and lots of arrows. Continue reading

Overwatch – McCree Gameplay

Overwatch McCreeAs a fan of shooters I am going to continue trying to cover games like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic. Blizzard has released numerous videos showcasing the various characters in their game, Overwatch. I’ve grown tired of the traditional militaristic shooters because of their wash-rinse-repeat format and the lack of teamwork and communication. Overwatch, from what I’ve seen, leaves little room for players with a lone gunman mindset. They are also looking to combine elements of MOBA games with a Team Fortress style of cooperative play to achieve victory. Continue reading