Black Op 3 Beta – Hesitantly Excited

Call of Duty Black Ops 3As a longtime fan of Call of Duty I’ve been pretty vocal about how bad I think the franchise has become. After a decent amount of time in the Black Ops 3 beta, I still stand by my opinion that this game has lost its soul and identity. For those who have been playing since the inception of the franchise there is no getting around it, this game is completely new and worlds different than most of the previous COD titles. They have stripped down the game into a very fast paced, arcade-esque, quick twitch shooter. There is no depth here, nothing vibrant or dynamic. The game still primarily consists of players quickly darting around the map, running around corners or hiding around them, doing their best to find the quickest builds and guns to get the drop in the hundreds of gun fights that await them. Someone in my stream said the environments look like they are designed by IKEA and I had to laugh, because it does all look so pristine and modern that the game feels neutered and bland, like the abundance of overly clean special effects and green screen obsession in Star Wars Episodes 1-3. But, I simply cannot deny it, the game is still incredibly fun, especially with a team that is working together. Continue reading

Black Ops 3 already let me down

black ops 3 next genThe cinematic trailer for Black Ops 3 had me singing its praises and excited for the story arc and campaign in the next Call of Duty. As I said before, it clearly displays creativity and innovation, even though someone pointed out on my YouTube that has similarities to the story arc of Deus Ex. I do want to quickly say that the “human-tech-hybrid-our-technology-will-destroy-us” idea isn’t exclusive or original to Deus Ex, so I think it’s fair game. Treyarch wasted no time capitalizing on the hype surrounding their teaser to have a reveal where they outlined details and showed some gameplay. I was excited to hear there would be a beta, but was then quickly disappointed when I heard the only way to get access to the beta is by pre-ordering, which ironically defeats any consumer benefit of a beta test. My disappointment continued when I saw the gameplay trailer. Continue reading

Call of Duty Black Ops III – Ember Tease made me doubt myself

Black Ops 3In case you missed it, Black Ops III just released a lengthy cinematic teaser trailer entitled, “Ember“. It’s a three minute long, live action, well directed and well edited piece of video game hype. I’ve already called for veteran gamers and fans of Call of Duty to walk away from the franchise, or at least refuse to buy the next release until sufficient game reviews have been written. This trailer, however, has me hopeful that at the very least we are in store for a really innovative story and campaign. The creative story arc in the teaser is absolutely brilliant as it is tethered to our modern world and the trajectory of our own technological advancements. To a certain point I wish this was a trailer for an epic movie instead of a video game, which is a testament to how good game companies are getting at hyping and drawing in would-be buyers of their product. I was a nay-sayer when I saw the newest Call of Duty title was not going to be a return to the World War era, but this trailer has me doubting my position. Don’t worry, I haven’t placed the entire bait hook in my mouth, I’m just taking a few nibbles. Continue reading