Fallout 4 graphics and the cynics

Fallout 4 E3Fallout 4 is not even out yet and gamers are already voicing their opinions about the graphics. What is surprising to me about this is not that there are gamers who look down their nose at graphics, but that people are doing this before even playing the content. Fallout 4 was easily one of the most anticipated and celebrated titles after E3 this year. During my coverage of E3 I would run replays during the morning while we waited for the live events to start and the most requested footage was Fallout 4. This game promises a massive experience, world, and seemingly endless potential with its optional crafting and building systems and the lack of a level cap or a hard finish to the game. And yet, in light of all of this, Bethesda is fielding questions in interviews about people who are already decrying the graphics. Continue reading