Batman Arkham Knight is Nearly Perfect

batman arkham knightBatman Arkham Knight is getting mixed press due to the horribly handled port to PC. This is unfortunate as my experience on the XBOX One was practically flawless with respect to bugs, and I only noticed a few instances of frame rate drops. After sinking a substantial amount of time in the game, achieving 100% (the Riddler is the real final boss), and getting about 70% through the Story+ replay mode I can honestly say this is the best game I have played on my next-gen system. Rather than get bogged down into specifics I’m going to keep this review big picture, highlighting things that stood out, and then ending with a few minor criticisms. Continue reading

Batman Arkham Knight Delivers

batman arkham knight scarecrowGamers and fans of the series can finally sink their teeth into the long awaited Batman release, Arkham Knight. As someone who thoroughly enjoyed both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City I was both anxious and nervous about whether or not the new title would deliver. After sinking over 12 hours into the game on my stream I can confidently say this game just might be a 10/10 on my scale. I played for almost 8 hours before I died or encountered anything buggy/poorly designed. The scale and scope of the game has been expanded in ways that are consistently positive, but the gritty and fun Batman experience is still at the core. This is the first next-gen game I have played that actually feels and looks next-gen. Continue reading

Batman remastered in the works, but why?

Batman Arkham AsylumA survey recently leaked indicating that both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are in development for the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Not surprising Arkham Origins is being passed over since it was not well received and is undeniably a black eye on the franchise. While I understand wanting to capitalize on the hype surrounding the launch of Arkham Knight, this seems like a strange remaster. However, even though some have complained about the popularity of remastered games, I think there is huge potential here, especially for franchises looking to expand to next-gen. Continue reading

The Batman Arkham Knight DLC isn’t evil

batman arkham knight batgirlWith the anticipation of a new and next-gen Batman title on the horizon the press about the DLC and season pass is already receiving criticism. Gamers are rightly apprehensive about extra content offerings with some titles failing to deliver, leaving many feeling their season passes attached them to a boring or broken game. In this case I think many might be too quick to jump on the hate train as we don’t have lots of detail, but what little we know sounds better than what other titles have done. Basically to sum it up you can pay $40 to get 6 months of content with new content delivered each month. First, I want to address what it starting to sound like entitlement creeping into DLC criticism. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham Knight gets “Mature” rating

Batman: Arkham KnightBad news for teenage fans of the Batman series who will want to purchase without parental approval. The game has been given a “Mature” rating. However, fans of the franchise hoping this means it will be a darker and more adult toned game should proceed with minimal expectations. The founder of Rocksteady, Sefton Hill, said the M rating was surprising because they did not intentionally push for it. Continue reading