Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Looks Promising

assassins creed syndicateAssassin’s Creed is in full swing hyping their title with promotional wallpapers, ringtones, and a 9 minute gameplay reveal teaser. The new setting is in London and the pre-alpha footage looks far more promising than the glitch riddled mess of what was supposed to be the first next-gen Assassin’s Creed title, Unity. As is customary with the franchise they are taking you to a historical time and place with iconic environments, sights, and sounds. The footage and aesthetic has a very “Gangs of New York” feel to it, which is a welcome change and fresh identity. But not only that, they are showing off what could be some helpful changes to the mechanics and gameplay, ushering the title out of the carbon copy feel the last few titles seemed guilty of. Continue reading

The Witcher 3 devs say, “Don’t buy our DLC.”

The Witcher 3It has become incredibly commonplace for new games to place a heavy amount of emphasis on buying their DLC and season passes. I’ve actually called for all gamers to stop pre-ordering season passes due to the lack luster and consistent bad game launches. To my surprise and excitement, the developers of The Witcher 3 don’t want you to buy their extra content, “if you have any doubts“. This dramatic change of communication from a game company isn’t just refreshing, it borders on groundbreaking. I have yet to see this type of confidence and transparency from any pre-launch game communication to date. Why is this important? Continue reading

Video games suck, and players are part of the problem

Louis C.K.Many who look at the current landscape of video games come to two very different conclusions. Some say the games are sub-par, unimpressive, and disappointing, while others say gamers are self-entitled, whiney, and can’t be satisfied. In a similar vein to the way political debates break down into party allegiances and talking points, both sides hotly criticize and blame the other. I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on the problem because I see validity to both views. Games are regularly launching fraught with problems, and gamers are the most vocally negative group of people I’ve ever interacted with. But how did it end up this way? A lightbulb went off when I read David Thier’s thoughts on how the reviews of The Order:1886 prove that something is changing in video games. Continue reading

Inside Video Games: Where is my content?

Destiny DLCOne of the most exciting advances in video games is the massive size that many of them achieve. Games like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto have created open world experiences that are almost too daunting for some gamers. The danger and downfall of some of the larger games that have recently launched is that the large world ends up diluting and flattening the content within the game. So while you actually have a massive amount of content quantitatively, the quality of the content therein is incredibly lacking. I’m going to look at two massively hyped games that have been criticized for failing to deliver the promised game and experience they advertised. First up…
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