Bungie lawsuit – Activision to blame for Destiny

Destiny ActivisionFor a while those of us who have criticized Destiny for its shortcomings have theorized that Activision may have been the primary cause behind most of the game’s problems. A recent lawsuit between Bungie and composer Marty O’Donnell puts meat on the bones of a theory many of us had. Bungie was being sued for monies due to O’Donnell for work he did on the soundtrack for Destiny and for profit sharing as well as other contractual agreements. What is now undeniable, thanks to details outlined in the lawsuit, is that Activision caused significant turbulence with the creative staff at Bungie around the time that the game was significantly delayed and had the story substantially revised. Continue reading

Destiny vs The Witcher 3

Destiny vs The Witcher 3There’s been a lot of talk about Destiny, Bungie, and why Activision might be to blame for some of the frustrating things that have recently transpired. On the other side of the coin, CD Projekt Red continues to receive praise for their consistent injection of free DLC into their game The Witcher 3. Ollie Barder over at Forbes just wrote about how CD Projekt Red was able to develop The Witcher 3 and why they are able to keep giving away free DLC: they self-published the game. A quote that really landed the “Why is Destiny so frustrating” plane for me was this: “The fact The Witcher 3 was self-published also meant that CD Projekt RED didn’t scalp gamers with exploitative DLC or pad out in-game content.” So what does this mean for the future of Destiny? But first, why am I comparing these two games? Continue reading