Ori and the Blind Forest Review

Ori and the blind forestThe side-scrolling platformer is a video game genre that seems as transcendent as video games themselves. No matter how many times I sit down to one, the subversive nostalgia is immersive and instantly accessible. With the indie title landscape rapidly filling with creative titles like Guacamelee, Shiftlings, and Ori and the Blind Forest, those who enjoy this style of game have plenty to choose from. Fans of classic platformers like Metroid and even a newer title like Rayman Legends will gladly find a rich and innovative home in Ori and the Blind Forest. Continue reading


Battlefield Hardline First Impressions

Battlefield HardlineThe day has come Battlefield fans, Battlefield Hardline is here. I thoroughly enjoyed the smoothness and fun factor in the beta, and was sold on the new title for the franchise. My concerns in the beta had less to do with the game itself and more to do with how the scoring system incentivizes behavior and how the Battlefield community seems unable to consistently work together, communicate, and go for the objective. I’ve only played the multiplayer, and that will be most of my engagement with the game, so here are my initial thoughts. Continue reading

Veteran gamers need to walk away from Call of Duty

Call of Duty Advanced WarfareCall of Duty has gone through a strange metamorphosis. They’ve taken us on epic campaigns with movie quality stories and voice acting while continuing to add to and attempt to elevate the multiplayer experience. All along this journey, however, they’ve seen a decline in sales, player base, and title longevity. In fact, the most recent title, Advanced Warfare, saw a 49% decrease in US retail sales from Modern Warfare 3 with all the titles in between showing a steady decline toward the 49% drop. So what happened? And should long-time fans of the franchise even bother with future titles? Continue reading

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Dragon Age InquisitionAs someone who is slightly embarrassed by two unfinished false starts of Skyrim, I am thoroughly enjoying Dragon Age Inquisition. It wasn’t Skyrim’s fault, and it may not be Dragon Age’s fault either if I fail to land the plane of their monstrous release. I’m far enough in the game, however, to praise the praiseworthy and give criticism to a few shortcomings. Continue reading

Far Cry 4: A review and a rebuke

Far Cry 4Since the inception of the franchise, Far Cry has been a bit of a moving target in the realm of genre and identity. The first title broke new ground with responsive and more strategic AI along with larger and more expansive environments than other games at that time. Far Cry 2 was received with less enthusiasm but kept the theme and style alive by placing the player in another hostile environment with an elusive bad guy to track and kill. It seemed as though the franchise may die a slow “death by discontinuity” since each story was disconnected from the last. Contrary to conventional wisdom and some predictions from naysayers, Far Cry 3 launched with another completely new story and character, and was met with great success. It was nominated for countless awards and received high marks from all review sources with an impressive average score of 90 on Metacritic. Now the stage was set for Far Cry 4 to enter the scene…
Continue reading

Battlefield Hardline Beta Review

Battlefield HardlineAs a franchise Battlefield has earned a reputation for big cinematic moments both in its campaigns and multiplayer. With the shift in focus from big war zone encounters to urban police shootouts and bank heists, the game has certainly changed, but Battlefield Hardline is still a Battlefield game at its core. Continue reading

Dying Light: Death by repetition

Dying LightThe zombie survival genre seems to be here to stay with big releases like Dead Rising 3, Dying Light and soon the anticipated continuation of the Dead Island series. But can this genre survive? How many electric machetes and flaming baseball bats can you make before it all blends together? I’m going to highlight what I think makes Dying Light stand apart, where it falls short, and how this genre can improve itself. Continue reading