Destiny Taken King Six Man Patrols

destiny patrolAt this point Bungie has added a lot of cool things that can happen while you are patrolling in Destiny around the different planets. Some of the new missions will even send you on a patrol to kill taken champions that show up in a similar way to how the wolves would prowl in the House of Wolves. I’m actually not a huge fan of how the champions had to be killed within so much time mainly because there is sometimes not enough people around. The same thing can happen when you want to run the Court of Oryx higher tiers and nobody is around to help. So why do we need six man fire teams while on patrol?

Out of place

At this point the game is big and expansive with large areas and strong bosses that can show up out of nowhere or be summoned at will on the Dreadnaught. However, only being able to trudge out in to the darkness and patrol with just two other people, especially after running the raid for awhile, it just feels far too limiting, out of place, and subdued. This can be doubly frustrating with the seemingly empty and vacant patrol areas on almost every planet, the Dreadnaught included. Many in my twitch stream theorized that server capacities were probably increased with the launch of The Taken King, and while that’s a good thing it can start to make the game feel like a bit of a ghost town. After my usual team is finished with the raid it just seems silly to cut the team in half when it’s time to go run the court of oryx or any Taken champion missions, especially when we get there and nobody else is around. I even had an equally amusing and frustrating experience at the Court of Oryx when the players there had no idea how to fight the fanatic of Crota (which is basically how you fight Crota in the raid). With no streamlined ability to talk to them I was left with two choices: Continue watching them try and fail or go to orbit and roll the dice on another server/instance. This tends to de-incentivize engaging with the content which is unfortunate because a lot of the new patrolling activities can be a lot of fun and a nice change of pace from the grueling feeling the raid can have.

Player Control

There needs to be a continual release of the micromanaging that Bungie still seems to be clinging to. Given that I’ve already said how the raid is the best content in the Taken King and it’s how I’ve spent most of my time, it can start to feel very jarring to gear down to small stripped down patrolling events with two of my friends and random quiet players who have no tie to me whatsoever. At the very least something needs to be done about how empty so much of the game world feels because I can see solo players starting to grow tired of the struggle and the lonely nature the game can have. This solution, however, isn’t really a solution because it is still, at the end of the day, more fun to play with your friends. I didn’t buy a game that is built on co-op and playing together in raids and strikes to stand around with random players that I can’t communicate with and pull of what ends up being pretty boring victories that can’t be celebrated or laughed about when something epic happens.

Good content

Ultimately that’s what this comes down to. Bungie built really good content, but again, they are limiting how the player base can engage with it. I understand slowing progression to lengthen engagement with the game, but that is not what this is. The Court of Oryx can be fun and with a full team and a lot of random players around even the highest tier can be dealt with rather quickly if people work in tandem on different strategies. So I’m not doing certain things in the game and have completely avoided other aspects of the game simply because they are boring or limited in how I can engage with it. When good content is ignored a change must be made to funnel the community into it or the game will start to feel fragmented and bland which is something Destiny has struggled with. To see portions of the Taken King ignored, which fixed a lot of Destiny’s problems, makes me concerned about another flat tire community consensus that might be reached far too soon after the launch of the expansion.

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