Destiny Taken King Gunsmith Needs Fixed

Destiny The Taken King Gunsmith ArmsdayDestiny The Taken King has brought a lot of big changes to the game. One of the more exciting things they added was “arms day” which is something the Gunsmith does on Wednesday for those who have earned enough rep to pick guns from his weekly stash. However the way you earn rep with him is less exciting as you take low damage weapons and have to use them on various enemies. While I think the idea is sound and I enjoy using different types and styles of weapons, this needs improvement.

After Thought

The fact that the weapons all have 200 damage makes this entire thing feel like a bit of an after thought. Since your light level is tied to your total damage and defense rating switching to weapons with lower damage feels like you are being taken down a peg.Typically what I do, and what I’ve seen others do, is just head to old areas where the enemies are weaker so I can quickly get the gun assignments out of the way. So a weekly part of the Taken King expansion is consistently taking me out of the Taken King content. The weapons, assignments, and damage ratings feel like this was meant for vanilla Destiny and got added in just as another thing to stack on the pile of content we got. And not only that, he really isn’t explained.


A big question I have is.. what exactly am I doing? Am I leveling up my rep with him to get access to better weapons? Will the weapons change? Because the weapons to choose this week are no different than last week. So am I just leveling him up to get weapons that I will simply use for legendary marks? That seems a bit silly and a lot like wasted potential.


The best part about the Gunsmith trial weapons is that it exposes different types and brands of weapons to players who may have never tried them otherwise. I can see this being something they really change up and innovate with to add unique weapons that can only be used for a short period of time or that can only be used on specific bosses. It is also a soft push into PVP which as I’ve said previously is much better now with Rift and Mayhem, and the Gunsmith can keep offering trial weapons as a way to pull players in to try game modes or guns they may have just ignored. There could be a lot of purpose woven into what the Gunsmith brings to the game instead of feeling like a pesky hobby with meaningless rewards after the first two weeks.

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