Destiny the Court of Oryx needs fixed

destiny the taken king the court of oryxIn previous reviews and videos I have said that the Court of Oryx, a new public event in Destiny The Taken King, was a lot of fun. I still stand by that as I have thoroughly enjoyed all three tiers of the event. However the event requires extra players and reasonably high light levels in order to even stand a chance in the third tier. If you are below a certain light level you actually can’t even do damage to the enemies that spawn. Now, none of this would matter if there were always people around to take part.

Where is everyone?

We still haven’t quite figured out why, but there is almost nobody patrolling on the Dreadnaught whenever I have been there. The going theory in my stream is that Bungie increased the number of servers to make room for the influx of players which has lead to many of the patrols being pretty empty. In my experience the Dreadnaught is either completely empty other than my fire team, or there is just 2-3 people. The problem here is that if you are wanting to complete a quest or burn through some tier 3 runes you are at the mercy of other players being there, and not just quantity of random players, but quality as well…

Weakest Link

Even if you are lucky enough to find some players at the Court of Oryx there is another layer of dependency woven into the encounter. When we successfully ran the third tier with five people everyone had a light level around 290 except for one guy who did his best to revive people and be a good distraction. Later that day one of my friends needed to run tier two and tier three so we went back into the depths of the Dreadnaught. To our initial excitement the only other two people on patrol were already at the Court. And then to our great disappointment we saw their light levels in the 240’s, far too low to even attempt third tier. So then we went to orbit numerous times and came back in hoping to find more players or at least a few close to our light level. After wasting about an hour we just gave up and went to do something else. A simple solution would be to just let fire teams for patrolling the Dreadnaught be larger than 3. At this point I have a few ideas about why Bungie won’t let this happen, even though it frustates me to have my experience restricted.

No Free Rides

If the Dreadnaught was crawling with lots of players it would probably lead to pretty lopsided results for the enemies in the Court of Oryx. Even now if you have three high light level characters, the first tier is so quickly handled you have to make sure you don’t linger too long outside the arena. So if there was always a swath of players standing around, low light level characters could get “free rides” through the second and third tiers while doing basically nothing. So I think Bungie needs to come up with a solution. The easiest fix would be to just allow larger fire teams to allow more freedom and empowerment to players while keeping the Dreadnaught a little light on player saturation. Another solution would to be abandon the idea that this needs to be a public event and just make it a unique destination on the Dreadnaught that you travel to with a fire team of up to 6 players. I understand that Bungie wants this to be one of those random things you keep coming back to hoping to finally have the right mix and number of players to complete it, but I can see it starting to bore and frustrate players leading many to just give up. And that would be a shame because this content is really fun and I can see them continuing to innovate and change the bosses, rules, and challenges. Hopefully Bungie tweaks and fixes this in the same way they kept ensuring The Prison of Elders didn’t stay stagnant, but this has the edge of being far more rewarding than the Prison.

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