Destiny Rift Gameplay Improvements

Destiny The Taken King RiftDestiny is officially in year 2 with the launch of The Taken King and I thoroughly enjoyed the two new PVP game modes in the week leading up to the release of the expansion. Rift is easily the mode with the most potential for competitive gaming, but in a way that allows players of varying skill levels enjoy it. However, after just one week in the game type there are some elements that I think could be improved for the overall quality of the game and enjoyment for everyone.

Give Me Space

One of the biggest problems that plague virtually all PVP shooters is the dreaded spawn camping. The setup of Rift is good, but it is incredibly easy to successfully camp the spawn of the other team. Some of the maps have far too many corners and hiding spots to allow someone to setup shop in the enemy spawn. A simple solution would be to apply poison to anyone near the enemy rift if their team was not holding the spark. Similar to what happens in the Skolas fight it would make your health slowly drop to motivate you to move out of the spawn and start helping your team capture and move the spark. It just doesn’t make for a very good experience to die in your spawn over and over in a what amounts to someone constantly being “offsides” as they hangout in your spawn preventing you from getting out.

Tug of War

At this point anyone paying attention probably has caught on that the best strategy to grab the spark as many times as you can. Even if you keep grabbing it and only running a few yards the regular injection of points is enough to keep you in the lead and prevents the other team from ever getting it. However this is turning into the game being played in a way that seems outside of what was intended. Teams are simply camping the spark and letting one person grab it to make a pitiful attempt running the spark solo while the rest of the just stays where the spark will respawn. Again, like camping the spawn, this is leading to games feeling somewhat cheap and outside of how the mode is designed. A simple solution would be having the spark stay active for 3-5 seconds after the runner is downed. With the current setup after the runner dies the spark simply takes so many seconds before charging and then reappearing at the center of the map. It would make for more intense gameplay and teams moving and adapting if the spark dropped and was retrievable for a few seconds. The best games I have had are even ones where my team lost because both teams were going hard for the spark and the game had a very “back and forth” feel to it.

I’m your Huckleberry

The last thing they could do to help promote teams making more strategic efforts at moving the spark is having some different point rewards. Given the reality that I already outlined about teams not actually running with their runner there should be a penalty of sorts for never getting the spark beyond the area where it spawns. If your runner gets stopped within a few feet of the spark 3 times in a row the defending team should get bonus points significant enough to make a difference on the score board. This would incentivize teams helping their runner and not just relying on the path of least resistance by repeatedly letting their runner grab the spark and die for the easy points over and over. This game mode is the most fun when everyone is moving and fighting the in game volley of defending, grabbing, and moving the spark, and if it just devolves into spawn camping and spark camping it will be unfortunate to have a such a good idea and fun game type ruined by cheap tactics and lame strategies.

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