Borderlands Theory – Angel’s Siren Power

borderlands 2 angelBorderlands is a franchise with many characters, and some of those characters have unexplained backgrounds or powers. Angel is one of the more cryptic characters as she is the main drive for the confusing narrative in the first game, almost completely absent from The Pre-Sequel, and she dies shortly after you meet her face to face in Borderlands 2. The revelation that she is a Siren wasn’t that surprising if you picked up on her saying “Phase-shift” throughout the story, but the real question is, what was her power? Lilith could Phase-walk and Phase-blast and Maya has Phase-lock. So given that Angel is able to interact with computers with her Phase-shift, what exactly is her power and how does it play into the story?

Siren Hacker

Almost every single interaction with Angel is some level of technology hack. Her first appearance in Borderlands doesn’t quite make sense, given that you don’t have an ECHO device yet, but she displays on your screen like some sort of broadcast. Beyond how she communicates with you, there are numerous times in Borderlands 2 where she interacts with computers, locked doors, and a catch-a-ride station. She is also doing lots of research for Jack on the various vault hunters. The amount of recordings, surveillance footage, and background data she manages to find on each vault hunter is so substantial that it’s safe to assume she is hacking into countless computers and security systems to gather it all. All of this leads to the real question: How is Jack controlling a Siren? Given they are incredibly powerful and she can seemingly hack almost anything, how does Jack keep her under his control?

Reverse Engineered

Jack proves on more than one occasion to have vast knowledge about Sirens, eridium, and vaults. Since Angel’s power is able to interact with technology, my theory is that he spent the early years of her power manifesting to test it in order to create technology that could reverse the flow of her Siren powers and control her. If you pay close attention to her model when you finally get to see here she has two metal implants on the side of her head that were likely put there by Jack. The picture of her on Jack’s desk in The Pre-Sequel has her with a full head of hair, rather than strangely shaved on the side with metal implants. I believe this is the same technology he used to create the collar he puts on Lilith. It should also be pointed out that Jack seems incredibly interested in Sirens and gives a lot of information about how formidable they are when you are killing the assassins in Southpaw Steam & Power. During these recordings he says they should not face a Siren solo and should just leave them to him. This sort of confidence is almost assuredly because he has the technology developed to control Sirens. And if I’m right about Jack still being alive, he could find other Sirens in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3

Since I believe Jack is still alive and will be a very central figure in Borderlands 3, this Siren control technology could play a major part in his continued quest for power and vault discovery. I’ve already written about how there needs to be more characters with two for each type and how they could have a male and female siren. That could also play a part in developing the story as Jack would be searching for Sirens in between Borderlands 2 and 3 and they could use ECHO casts to explain why there are twin Sirens and a new male Siren. This is all just theory and speculation that I based off things in the game, but what do you think?

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