Rare Replay is worth every dollar

rare replayPlayers can officially dive back into games that are more than 30 years old in Rare Replay. The kickoff to the relationship between Microsoft and Rare is in full swing with the launch of this wonderful nostalgic title. I spent an entire day streaming the game and playing with my older brother, and if you’d like to watch the entire stream just click here. For those on the fence or curious about how well the games age and feel, let me give you some big picture feedback instead of getting into specific details about every game. I will give two specific examples of games that aren’t working very well and are in dire need of patching, but other than that I would like to give you a brief fly over.

Immediately valuable and fun

There are too many fan favorite games to not find immediate value and fun as soon as you browse the collection. I’m not even a fan of fighting games, but it was an absolute blast to boot up Killer Instinct Gold and get back into combos and battles with my brother. Having such an easily accessible library of old games is awesome because the only way to keep these games available to yourself would be to keep numerous systems and games up and running, an almost impossible task. There is also a lot of variety, so if you want something as old and vintage feeling as R.C. PRO-AM or something newer and more recent as Perfect Dark, you’ve got plenty to choose from.

A good reminder

Something my brother and I quickly picked up on was how far games have come. As gamers we can all get pretty demanding due to things improving so much over the years. Just as an example there were multiple games likes Perfect Dark or Kameo where the current objective or point of the current level was completely unclear. I rail against a lack of accessibility in games very often, but after playing these old relics from the past I was quickly reminded how spoiled I had become. Heads up displays, mission way points, and numerous other helpful features have become ground level expectations in most games, and that is a really good thing. It felt kind of strange to play games that made me a gamer and feel a sense of “I played this? This is so tough!”. I expected myself to have a bit more grit and determination, but I think making games easier to sell more units has had an unseen effect on me. In any case, don’t be surprised if you get your butt kicked in some of your favorite titles. Also be sure to spend some time in the games that have awful camera controls just to make new games look and feel all the more polished.

Frame rate issues

There are two games that are almost unplayable due to frame rate issues, which is incredibly disappointing given the strength of the console you play them on. Both Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Perfect Dark Zero have, according to today’s standards, game breaking frame rate issues. Hopefully both of these games can be fixed and improved because I for one would enjoy playing through both Perfect Dark games with my brother or friends. All in all this the only major issue with the entire release. Some people may gripe about how horrible games like Lunar Jetman and Sabre Wulf are, but it’s good to have these as a form of history and they were the forward thinking games that paved the way for others. I full recommend Rare Replay for the money and hopefully future fixes and even more games are on the way.

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  1. Nice blog! I’ve actually been considered purchasing this game due to it’s great catalogue of games. However, I was somewhat disappointed that they didn’t include Goldeneye to its roster of games 🙁

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