Destiny leaks get traction for a reason

bungie destinyThere was another Destiny leak on reddit recently, and Paul Tassi has already spoken about why he thinks the whole thing is bogus speculation. To a point I think Tassi is right as most of the things claimed in the reddit post aren’t that difficult to come up with just from being familiar with the game, lore, and reveals of the Taken King. Tassi was admittedly disappointed that the post was receiving so much attention, traction, and belief from the community. I happen to think this sort “leak” is potentially by design from Bungie, but at the very least, it’s the result of how they talk about the game.

Details, details

The driving force behind the community being so willing to accept an unbacked rundown of what the new content will offer is the lack of details and information from Bungie. We are a month and half away from the launch of what is supposed to be the “biggest injection of new content” in Destiny, and all we know are specifics about how the bounties will work differently and that guns are going to get cooler. I’ve already written about how I believe the initial outline of what the content will offer is worrying with respect to getting more gear than actual playable content because of the careful placement of the “most substantial” descriptor and I think this leak getting traction is part of the same animal. The community isn’t just starved for new content, goals, and gear to farm for, they are starved for details. We were promised after the Luke Smith Eurogamer bumble that more details were coming that would excite us. I said then what I will say now… We await your reply.

By Design

Now I want to be fair to Bungie and give room for what they admit is fun for them. They like leaving things a mystery to keep fans guessing and curious about if there are any more hidden chests in the Vault of Glass (there aren’t) and what other potential things can be discovered or done in the incoming new content. And to a point I think it is fine for them to do that. Mystery and curiosity can be far more intoxicating than information because once people know everything they tend to lose interest. So I am completely fine with Bungie leveraging consumer curiosity and interest in their product by doing a piece-meal announcement plan and trickling out the details. The problem for the community, however, is that those pre-order bonuses are so tempting given the nature of the game. There is a “Suros Arsenal Pack” that you won’t be able to get until January if you don’t pre-order. That’s a long time of exclusivity for gear just by clicking a pre-order button.

Hook, line, sinker

I continue to tell my Twitch viewers and YouTube subscribers to wait on pre-orders for content or games they are on the fence about. Access to games on day one through the myriad of viewing options on almost any device leaves gamers with no excuse. But enter stage left, the pre-order bonus. Bungie is clearly holding out on the details to keep fans interested, and all along the way something new has happened. For Dark Below and House of Wolves there were no pre-order bonuses other than saving $10 by buying the Season Pass. Now they are hyping up the guns along with a sweet juicy gun pre-order bonus which I think is a bit concerning. This is why leaks get traction. The community is dying to know more about what is coming, and Bungie knows this. The reddit leak could even be a clever marketing plan to get people interested and talking about Destiny right before more specific reveals start to roll out. If the apex of pre-orders can be reached prior to any more substantial delivery of information, then their approach has worked. My concern and worry is that the lack of details combined with a pretty strong motivation to pre-order will leave many significantly harsher in their critique, disappointment, and feedback if the content doesn’t deliver. It is one thing to buy the DLC right now, of your own volition, because you just “know” the content is going to be good. It’s entirely different to be ravenously combing over forums and sub-reddits looking for any scraps of information while trying not to click purchase as the magnetic pre-order bonuses slowly pull you in.

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