Overwatch – Reaper gameplay

overwatch reaperIf you already read my post about Tracer, another character from Overwatch, you will see some similarities between her and Reaper. He is another dual wielding close quarters offensive player but his weapons, abilities, and movement are quite distinct and in line with his really cool aesthetic. What stands out the most to me is again the smooth mechanics and just fun nature of having a dark ninja looking gunslinger that could be in a haunted western. So many PVP shooters get repetitive because they lack depth, and Overwatch has a very Borderlands-esque character driven format that hopefully creates longevity and fun.

His primary attack is dual shotguns and will similarly benefit from his second ability, much like Tracer. Wraith Form enables him to become a shadow, moving through enemies and place to place taking no damage, but cannot shoot or attack in any way. It will obviously suit his close quarters attack style very well. And so will his third ability: Shadow Step. It basically serves as a waypoint that allows him to teleport to it. Again, with a character that needs to get so close to effective damage, it makes sense to give him an ability that lets him flee a fight very quickly. Lastly his ultimate ability, Death Blossom, intitiates a sweet looking third person view where you spin and blast your shotguns in all different directions. It is exactly the kind of style and creativity you want to see in a new shooter. Hopefully it ports from the PC to consoles soon after it launches. Check the footage below…

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