Overwatch – Tracer gameplay

overwatch tracerMy excitement for Overwatch continues to grow the more I cover each character. Tracer is bound to be a fan favorite with her fast movement, dual pistols, and teleportation abilities. Similar to the other characters I have covered, Tracer has her own identity, looking sleek and agile with fast firing pistols to match. Fans of dual wielding G-18’s in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will probably be right at home with her as they can quickly run through the map slinging rounds left and right.

He primary attack is, quite simply, spray and pray. The footage shows her Pulse Pistols firing in rapid succession while maintaining a decent amount of accuracy. It is her second ability that really starts to show how you will most effectively use her dual pistols. Her “blink” ability allows her to teleport the direction she is facing very quickly, up to three times if they have all refreshed. The footage below shows her using this to quickly get close to an enemy and stick them with her ultimate ability: Pulse Bomb. Her ultimate ability looks basic enough as a strong and powerful sticky grenade, but it’s her third ability that looks to be the most influential. Recall allows you to move yourself backwards in time to where you just were a few seconds ago while also returning your health and ammo to where it was previously. If used properly this ability is basically a do-over if someone gets the jump on you or is corner camping. Obviously it has a refresh, but even still it looks to be a fun and game impacting ability allowing Tracer to quickly move throughout the map with a certain level of boldness knowing she regularly has a mulligan in her pocket.

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