Overwatch – Zarya Gameplay

overwatch zaryaAs I continue to watch the gameplay and ability details for each character in Blizzard’s new title, Overwatch, we now turn to Zarya. Something that continues to stand out to me is how unique each character looks, but she really puts on full display how cool the weapons get. Her Particle Cannon is sleak, powerful, and menacing. I really like how the characters fit their identity in look and abilities. She’s a stout defensive crowd controlling character, and she looks the part but so does her abilities.

Her primary attack can come in two ways. The Particle Cannon fires a consistent beam of energy at short range similar to the beam lazer weapons from Borderlands The-Presequel. It can alternatively launch explosive charges to damage multiple enemies at once. She also has two defensive abilities. First she can put a Particle Barrier around herself that blocks damage while increasing the damage of her gun. Second, she can project the barrier on to a teammate while still receiving the buff to her gun damage. Her ultimate power is called “Graviton Surge” which is basically a singularity grenade that pulls enemies into a whirlwhind and does damge to them. She is definitely built for good defense and crowd control as her primary attack isn’t at a high rate of fire. Again, I am really enjoying the uniqueness of each character so players can find someone that fit their style and liking and really dig in to help their team win. Check out the footage below.

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