Overwatch – Hanzo Gameplay

overwatch hanzoI’ve consinstently expressed my excitement for games like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic as I think they will bring freshness and innovation to the shooter genre. Blizzard is certainly treading into new territory, but they have proven to be one of the more reliable game companies in the industry. The following video shows just how different each character will be. Hanzo scales walls, moves stealthily, and quickly fires lots and lots of arrows.

While he has he quickly firing arrow shots for his basic attack, he also shoot Sonic Arrows that detect and display enemies within its radius. He also has Scatter Arrow that can bounce of walls and hit multiple enemies for decent crowd control. His ultimate ability is Dragonstrike will shoot straight and pass through enemies and walls doing massive damage which should help him manage groups of enemies even though he is swift and using a bow and arrow.

What stands out to me is how smooth the action is, and how even though he is using a bow and arrow, he is equipped to hold his own. Obviously the challenge for games like this is going to be having balance. With a wide variety of characters they need to be able to flourish as they are meant to be played, otherwise certain characters will just be ignored and unplayed. Hanzo seems to be very effective in the role of stealthy support, but it doesn’t look like he can just hide and camp. The smooth mechanics and movement enable him to be part of the action while having a pulled back play style. Watch below and let me know what you think…

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