Overwatch – McCree Gameplay

Overwatch McCreeAs a fan of shooters I am going to continue trying to cover games like Overwatch, Battleborn, and Gigantic. Blizzard has released numerous videos showcasing the various characters in their game, Overwatch. I’ve grown tired of the traditional militaristic shooters because of their wash-rinse-repeat format and the lack of teamwork and communication. Overwatch, from what I’ve seen, leaves little room for players with a lone gunman mindset. They are also looking to combine elements of MOBA games with a Team Fortress style of cooperative play to achieve victory.

McCree is a gunslinger through and through, with a high powered revolver that packs a serious punch. He can shoot the gun semi-automatic, or fan the hammer and empty the entire clip. The first thing I noticed was how clean and smooth the gun handled. Since this is his primary weapon, it’s nice to see how well the mechanics work. I also noticed how decent the damage output was. Enemies were flying and jumping around the map, but a few well landed shots were bagging quick kills. He also have a movement ability enabling him to quickly roll in the direction he’s facing while reloading his gun in the process. And his ultimate ability is Deadeye which takes a few seconds to aim at all enemies in his view and then automatically shoots them all for killshots, and the lower their health the quicker the aiming process takes. It sounds a bit OP, but given the quick paced nature of the game it will probably be tough to pull off with regularity.

Even with his strong hand cannon, you get the sense that teamwork is the way to win in this game, as he stayed close to Mercy the medic character in the game. Fans of games like Team Fortress will be right at home with needing to embrase a role. And McCree has a fun identity that lines up well with run-and-gun players who prefer accuracy and precision over spraying and praying. Watch the video below and let me know what you think…

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