Borderlands 3 – Drop it like it’s Diablo

Borderlands 2 loot dropBorderlands fans all enjoy different things about the game, but there is one thing we all love: the loot. Some players farm for hours just to get one legendary, others prowl forums and twitch streams looking for someone to dupe items for them, and some even hack into their games or play with randomizer mods to get crazy strong weapons and gear. To a certain extent loot turns into the sole focus for many gamers as the story and characters become secondary. I’ve already done a post and have video coming about how they can change legendaries to de-incentivize duping, but honestly they could just do something to make duping impossible. If they were to do this, I think it would be immediately necessary to have individual loot drops like in Diablo 3. And even if they don’t, individual loot drops would minimize the need and temptation to dupe.

No more loot ninjas

The first and most obvious frustration to being unable to dupe gear is when something legendary or useful finally drops, the quickest loot ninja is the one who gets to claim the loot. This would make many people prefer playing alone as the increased chances of good loot from extra players is somewhat nullified by only having one good item typically drop at a time. I know they offer the “duel” option as a way to spar over loot, but you need someone willing to do this rather than just keep the loot (unlikely), and certain characters are far better at 1v1 than others (unfair). Rather than have arguments about who should get what, it’s far more exciting and communal to have the “what did you get?!” moments after epic boss fights. In a loot driven cooperative game it just doesn’t make sense to weave squabbles and fights about loot drops throughout the entire game, and if duping doesn’t go away it just cheapens the good drops.

More loot, more value

Not only would individual loot drops remove the loot ninja problem, it would also allow for more loot in general. Each player could basically “roll” for gear when it drops, so every boss fight or farming opportunity would be a chance for each person to get a good drop instead of just the group. This would open up the loot pools and loot system giving room for my previous idea that I’ve done a post and video about flipping the weapon pyramid. If they want to increase the number of weapons and gear, a great way to “flood the market” would be to have each player getting their own personal loot piles to comb over.

No friends? No problem!

Whether or not they do away with duping, it is certainly risky to join random games and play with strangers. You could put in a lot of work, finally take down a tough raid boss, see a legendary drop, and just as quickly see it vanish into someone else’s inventory. Given that this is an RNG loot system, you basically motivate people to not play with new players as the drop rates are so low it might just feel too risky to ever jump in a multiplayer game. Individual loot drops is more in line with the communal and cooperative identity that Borderlands is known for and would be a good platform to introduce firm restrictions against duping to clean up the game in general.

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