Borderlands 3 – Classic Legendaries

borderlands hellfireI have already written a post and have a video coming about legendary weapons in my series of posts about ways Gearbox can improve and expand their franchise with Borderlands 3. Something that has been a lot of fun has been brainstorming ideas with fellow fans of Borderlands while I stream on my Twitch. While we were discussing my video about legendary weapons someone asked me what I thought about classic legendary weapons making an appearance in the future title. At first I pushed back on the idea, but then came up with a cOol way they could be implemented.

Newer ain’t always better

While I think a large amount of new legendary weapons need to be added to the universe, a few of the the most iconic, memorable, and favorite legendaries could show up with the rarity of pearlescents along with unique buffs and stats. Now, rather than have them show up exactly as they were before, they need to look old, rugged, and have eridium growth all over them. The high rarity would be because very few of them are left, spread throughout the universe as you travel to other planets far from Pandora. And the older beat up look would be fitting as time has passed with eridium growth happening from being left behind from battles and fallen vault hunters. The eridium would infuse them with random properties and buffs, making them unstable but very powerful. Since I already think each planet and vault destination should be major pieces of the story and gameplay, I also think that each planet should have a specific element theme to the weapons and enemies. This could add another layer to classic legendaries showing up.

Legendary Mythology

Instead of limiting the random properties and buffs to eridium growth, the mythology of the weapons could be given full force with the various planet types. So, for an example, we already know from one of Jack’s voice overs in The Pre- Sequel while we are in Research and Development that there are aquatic planets in the Borderlands universe. It would make sense then, that a vault hunter would take the famous legendary Hellfire to an aquatic planet to use against water enemies who are more susceptible to fire damage. This would mean an aquatic planet would be the place to farm for a hybrid Hellfire that has absorbed strange water mixed with fire elemental powers. Again, the weapon would be old, unstable, and very powerful. Another planet type could be a robotic AI planet, over run with abandoned cyborg projects who are susceptible to corrosive damage. So a classic corrosive legendary could be farmed for that has absorbed strange electric powers that mix with it’s corrosive powers. You can see how this would start to work with a more in depth weapon mythology, allowing classic weapons and vintage Borderlands to carry through, with new and innovative uses for the existing elements and gun types.

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