Borderlands 3 – Introducing a male siren

siren maya borderlands 2Borderlands is a franchise driven by characters, both playable and non-playable. One of the continued lore elements that has carried through the series is the cryptic and somewhat unexplained existence of Sirens. We know from some narrative elements that there can only be six in the universe at a time, and even though some deny it, Randy Pitchford confirmed that Commandant Steele was in fact a siren. For skeptics, this clip shows her interacting with a vault key with some form of telekinetic power similar to other phase powers within the mythology of Borderlands. So with the death of two Sirens there is now a gap in the lore, leaving space for two new Sirens to enter the picture in Borderlands 3.

More feminist than you think

Now, before I get started I do want to say a word to those who may think, “We are trying to get more women protagonists and main characters, and this guy wants to take a female role and split it with a man?!” First, this idea was born from my thoughts about why they should have more playable characters in Borderlands in order to get more female representation in the available classes. I happen to think a female melee character could be incredibly cool, since at this point only Brick and Krieg have really owned that role (Athena feels Siren-Melee-light). Also, having a male and female Siren is in line with the mentality that certain roles in games shouldn’t be relegated to just one sex. This could also be a subversive way to show male gamers why having more female representation in games is a good thing. Many might think, “Oh, cool, now I can play as a Siren as a guy,” which should give them a picture into why female gamers want to be able to play as females.

Double your trouble, double your fun

While many fans may initially reject the idea of a male Siren, hear me out, because a lot of people were won over on my stream when I explained my idea. First, I need to say that I think Borderlands 3 should have 8 available characters out of the gate with maybe 2 added later with DLC, and should strive to have two different types of each kind. So you could have two characters with a deployable, but make them completely distinct and different. You could also have two sniping classes, with one more stealthy and support driven like Zer0, while the other could be more balanced for crowd control like the Baroness. That leaves two melee characters and two Sirens. But how do we get two Sirens and why is one of them male? I think a great and creative way to set this up would be to have a woman who is pregnant with twins get exposed to eridium, infusing both children in her womb with Siren powers. This would be a brilliant way to shake up the lore while staying consistent with some of the established mythology. Fans don’t need to get too defensive about the Siren lore because we know very little, which leaves room for creativity and a fresh perspective. It would also allow them to introduce new and never before seen Siren powers as the male side of the power would be very different and maybe not even be “phase” in its form.

Action skill options

I think there are a variety of ways they could implement a male’s use of the power. I would like to see something similar to Green Lantern’s power and Claptrap’s action skill in that it could be a random phase-like shape that appears. The mythology behind this could be that the power is unpredictable when wielded by a man. But rather than keeping things random in the way that Claptrap’s action skill never became predictable, the narrative could allow his leveling paths to sharpen his use of the power, with each skill tree capping with one preferred form. Each shape or form could be tied to the theme of the given skill tree: health, team support, or damage. So just picture how Green Lantern makes things appear and see a Siren blue phase power materializing things. The health tree could be capped with a shield that covers your body and regenerates health for those near you and reflects a percentage of bullets back at the enemy while converting the rest to transfusion streams to your teammates. The team support tree could be capped with an extra gun that appears in the hand of anyone playing for a short time that shoots some type of eridium phase-like power pulses. The damage support tree could be capped with a skill that encases you current gun with a bigger and stronger version of it, giving you a limited amount of faster fire rate and a hefty damage buff. If they decide not to use the male siren idea, these action skill ideas might work for another type of character who can summon a power similar to the Baroness. In any case, I think a male Siren would be both popular and great for marketing as a “we are shaking things up” sort of message.

What do you think? Do you have better action skill ideas? Is a male siren a bad idea? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 – Introducing a male siren

  1. I think it would be sweet XD

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks a male Siren would be neat. In a fan fiction I wrote the main character was a male Siren searching Pandora for clues as to why he’s the only one of his kind. Never finished it, but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about his skill trees.

    Melee would be be him jamming his hand forward like a claw with an ethereal glow covering his hand in the form of talons. His override would cause an explosion of elemental status effects as well as bleeding.

    His action skill would be Phaseflight which allows him to jump high into the air and glide. They could just reuse TPS Oz Kit mechanics. He’d even be able to butt slam.

    Left tree: Vulture
    Focuses heavily on getting health by killing things as well as adding different elemental abilities.

    Middle tree: Eagle
    More for people who want a snipers route. Adds buffs to him while sniping. Makes the character more agile during Phaseflight.

    Right tree: Roc
    All about brute strength. Butt slams do massive damage and gains more damage resistance. This tree is something a Siren has never been. A tank.

  3. Phase jump where the siren male would jump high into the air toward enemies and when his feet touch the ground he emits a elemental nuclear blast along with explosive damage blasting those around him

  4. Yeah I agree a male siren would be awesome!

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