House of Wolves: No raid is good and unsurprising

house of wolvesThe announcement of the next DLC for Destiny has already garnered a lot of attention. I already did a post and video with my impressions and thoughts about how good the trailer is and how it proves Bungie has been their own worst enemy. Something I didn’t realize until I made my video was that the new content was not going to be including a raid. Even though I think both of the current raids are some of the best and most creative pieces of content in Destiny, I actually found the lack of a raid to be good news, while not very surprising.

Put your money where your money is

I already have a post and video about how the stats released by Bungie at the GDC 2015 proves that PVP has incredibly low engagement, proving that most of the community doesn’t care about or feel a strong draw to the PVP portion of Destiny. The pie chart shown at the GDC and in my post and video also shows that the raids have a similar level of engagement. I had some people interpret this as meaning that the raids were also dead, to which I replied, no absolutely not. The raids are end game content with no matchmaking and are the most challenging things in the game that only a small percentage of people are equipped to handle. So it made perfect sense why it had the lower level of engagement when compared to strikes or patrols. I actually pointed out that this is embarrassing as something with as many engagement hurtles as the raid has the same level of player activity as PVP. You can hop on and pay PVP anytime you like, you can’t do that with the raid, and yet it is garnering the same level of attention from the community. In any case, the lower numbers combined with all of the glitches and bugs are probably why they are going back to the drawing board and giving themselves more time to develop the next raid that will likely be seen in the Comet DLC.

So, Bungie’s time is best spent on what players are engaging with the most, which is why, I believe, they opted to give us a completely new “horde” style game mode. This is probably the most exciting thing about the House of Wolves DLC. I consistently saw this type of game mode suggested and requested by the community, so it’s another piece of this announcement that gives me hope. While they have shutdown all comments on their news announcements and forum posts that used to get a lot of good community engagement, criticism, and feedback, at least they are taking a major and consistent fan recommendation and adding a new game mode that is focused on co-op, a major feature the game was sold on, and not PVP.

More raids on the way

Someone is already giving me grief on my YouTube video about how, apparently, there is another raid coming. I can’t find or confirm anything about a future raid for House of Wolves, and while I think this person is generally just being a fanboy, yes, obviously there will be another raid as well as future raids beyond the next one. My hope is that Bungie is completely rethinking and reworking the entire idea of how raids work. Obviously all the raids will be unique with respect to the puzzle solving, the boss fight, and the gear, but I think they need to come up with something far more creative and rewarding than what Vault of Glass and Crota amounted to. It would help their engagement numbers, improve community morale, and incentivize more longevity with their title. If the next raid runs smoother because it had more development time, but still creates this massive leveling hurtle and invalidation of previously leveled gear, I think Bungie will just exhaust their player base and further dissuade people from playing and buying Destiny 2. I honestly think that Destiny is in a scary spot right now. They can brag all they want about player engagement and hours logged, which you may have noticed they’ve been incredibly quiet about that recently. The reality is, the next content drops are, in my opinion, paramount to the success of the franchise. If House of Wolves becomes another controversial bomb of complaints and community outcry, it will hurt Comet sales. House of Wolves will have a decent engagement level because I think enough people bought the season pass, and I think enough of the community may say, “Alright, they’ve promised not to repeat mistakes. One last chance, Bungie.” But after this, they will need to convince players to again spend a good amount of money, and most of us will easily refuse if House of Wolves fails to deliver.

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