Adding depth to Destiny with almost no development

DESTINYI have written quite a bit about Destiny as well as re-purposed all that content into videos for my YouTube channel. Something I wanted to flesh out a bit more was a topic I touched on in my split identity post. I believe there are some very simple things Bungie could do right now, to add depth and replayability. While I know and readily admit this is unlikely with all the patching and tweaking going on to prepare for the House of Wolves DLC, these are things that could also be done post DLC as a way to give some depth in between House of Wolves and the big content drop known as “Comet”. And if these ideas aren’t implemented in the present version of Destiny, they could certainly be applied to Destiny 2 when it enters production if it hasn’t already.


The easiest and quickest way to create almost immediate depth in this game is to add extra playthroughs. Nobody goes back through the story because there is basically no reason to, and the bounties and strikes are ran through with utilitarian ease as many play purely to check off a box. Periodically I stumble into areas that are barely recognizable because I haven’t touched them since the campaign. Imagine if there was a second and third playthrough that offered the ability to customize your ships, shaders, armor, and guns. Each completed story mission could drop custom ship pieces or shader color packs that could be used once the playthrough is completed. You could be awarded access to new emblems as a “Seasoned Guardian”, standing out as different both with your custom built ship from random parts and custom colors for your armor. The third playthrough could place on your the title “Veteran Guardian” with a similar feature to Diablo 3’s transmogrify as you can now make any piece of armor look the way you want, as well as all of your guns. In one paragraph I just created hours of replayability and customization with minimal development and new content needed. And this is just the first step.


Next, trading and gambling. Yes, I know, it will “break and ruin the game”, but hear me out. Rather than just being able to hand your buddy a gjallarhorn because he still hasn’t gotten one, each exotic item item could be assigned a shard amount that someone must have in order to trade for an exotic item. So let’s say the gjallarhorn is worth 25 exotic shards. This means someone would have to be regularly playing the game and gathering enough exotics to have a stockpile of a now very valuable currency. And the same would work for gambling. You could only gamble for big ticket items by risking big amounts of exotic shards. This would increase the need of farming for exotics even if you already have them, raising the value of all exotic items across the board. Again, in one paragraph, I’ve created depth, incentivization, and value without any extra content or lots of development. It would also have little impact on the current RNG system because exotics would still be rare and drop randomly, while now having more value within the game’s economy. This sort of trading would also make duping impossible because the transaction could save after the trade is confirmed and then again after it is completed. So even the quickest dashboard or shutdown wouldn’t matter. It would also be incredibly risky as both persons trading are risking items that are now very valuable.

None of this would take any significant amount of development as there is no new content,worlds, or items that need to be created. Take what is already there, and open it up to the community to allow them to have a more customized and deeper experience. And again, it is unlikely any of this will get added to the current game of Destiny, but it would certainly help Destiny 2 if it suffers from the same lack of depth.

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