Should Destiny 2 skip last-gen?

DestinyDestiny has been the center piece of a few of my posts and videos. I’ve talked about how PVP is holding the game back, how they should stop tweaking the weapons, and how the split identity of the game is splitting the community and putting future content on a path of perpetual devaluation. Recently I saw that IGN had a Fireteam chat podcast discussing whether or not Destiny 2 should skip last-gen. It reminded me of a video about how some fans of Destiny had theorized that certain elements from the game were removed due to last-gen limitations. Some players have referenced early leaks of testing where the drop ships could be taken down and other players noted that they do still take damage in certain places (ie: shoot off their guns). So is it time to leave behind the limitations of last-gen?

Money talks

This question is honestly going to be answered by the saturation level of engaged and purchasing last-gen players. If a good portion of the Destiny community is still playing on older systems and buying DLC, that will probably play a significant role in how Bungie moves forward. But there is risk beneath this decision, and being motivated by potential sales at this stage in the life of the game could prove deadly. Restricting the future of the game to last-gen limitations could place the game in a category of irrelevance as bigger and better titles like No Man’s Sky start impressing gamers and setting expectations about what new games should offer. On the other side of the coin, however, there’s the risk of losing lots of community members by leaving their system behind and essentially forcing them to buy a new console if they want to continue their journey in Destiny. Activision and Bungie have clearly made decisions about Destiny that were motivated by maximizing profit, so they aren’t going to approach this decision haphazardly.

The power of relevance

I think that the trajectory of the gaming industry and culture is one that unhealthily and unrealistically asks for bigger and better games with every launch. It is because of this trend that I believe Destiny’s best hope for longevity is to leave last-gen behind. It’s a far bigger mark against your game to limit it’s scope and innovation than to leave behind the older consoles. Nobody can legitimately complain about a game growing and evolving into being “next-gen-only”. And honestly, fans of the game should want things to progress and improve. One of the best ways for Destiny to open up and grow is to free up developers and simplify development by narrowing the platform to next-gen. Even the biggest fans of Destiny will admit, if they are honest, that the game is pretty simple and bland. So if you want things to get better, and if you’re like me and enjoy the idea of the franchise growing and improving over the next ten years, then now is the time to cut the cord and go through the “next-gen-only” growing pains. Too many big next-gen titles are on the way to expect Destiny to standout if they drop another lackluster and narrow game with their sequel. Destiny 2 will be the time to prove what this game can be, and removing any restrictions that may be holding the game back is the path forward.

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One thought on “Should Destiny 2 skip last-gen?

  1. They should definitely make the move. Many, myself included, bought a next gen system just to get Destiny. By the time Destiny 2 comes out, even more people will have made the jump to a next gen console. So putting time, money and manpower into irrelevant systems will ultimately hold the game back.

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