The Handsome Collection: The Pre-Sequel Review

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel I have been having an absolute blast playing through The Pre-Sequel and streaming on my twitch while doing Borderlands trivia. If you haven’t followed me yet, be sure to join in the fun as I do trivia for giveaways and prizes for my followers at certain follower milestones. Having played all three Borderlands titles on the Xbox 360, I am definitely able to say it is my absolute favorite franchise. And I immediately knew I was in for an injection of fun and freshness once I saw just the title screen showing my character after booting up The Pre-Sequel on my Xbox One.

Smoother and cleaner

The increase in frame rate up to 60 frames per second and the boost to the resolution is instantly noticeable as your game loads. Menu fonts look crisp and the first ice meteorite that lands behind your character explodes with sharp smoothness. And the gameplay definitely has new life breathed into by this jump in performance. One of my gripes about The Pre-Sequel was that the pacing was slower than Borderlands 2, especially during the first sections of the game. But something about the new frame rate and smoother performance made the beginning of the game feel much quicker. This could have been because I was familiar with the missions and moved from place to place with a little more utilitarian focus and also because I was streaming and having fun chatting while wrecking through enemies and bosses. Either way, the game feels new and looks wonderful.

I have seen, however, some people griping about lagging, frame rate drops, and graphical tearing. Someone came into my stream and said he was only having problems with Borderlands 2, and I saw articles in my news feeds saying the exact opposite. Thankfully I have had almost zero issues with only one freeze that closed my game to the dashboard. I was actually more irritated by this because I was streaming and lost about 20 of my 30 viewers at the time, but it was during a portion of the Pre-Sequel that is known for issues: Tycho’s Ribs. I was doubly thankful it did not clear my inventory, as that happened to someone people on the 360, especially since I had just found a legendary item!

Busting Baddies with the Baroness

Since I had tried out every playable character except for Nisha, I decided to give the Baroness a spin, and I have not regretted it. I have never been fond of sniping, which means I did not pick Mordecai or Zero in the previous titles. But something about her play style with freezing and getting critical hit buffs has me really enjoying the pulled back engagement style. And when things get crazy and I start to get overwhelmed, unlike how I felt with Zero, I have good powers, skills, and an action skill that is very good at crowd control. I saw some people saying they thought she was over powered later in the game, and I can see how that might start to happen, as my action skill “Cold as Ice” is starting to get pretty mayhem inducing, jumping from each enemy that I kill.


Everyone that came into my twitch got told the same thing when they asked if it was worth the purchase: Buy this game! There is absolutely no game available currently that offers the insane level of content that you can get in The Handsome Collection for only $60. With the current trend of annoying DLC that seems overpriced and full priced games that seem empty, this is a breath of fresh air. I simply cannot wait to start blasting my way through Borderlands 2 with new characters alongside my buddies. Like I said in a previous post and video, The Handsome Collection is great news for gamers! So buy it, buy it, buy it!

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