Battlefield Hardline Blood Money Tips

Battlefield-HardlineIf you haven’t already read it or watched it, I already posted tips for the the game mode Hotwire as a blog post and a video. Those looking for hot pursuits and big action moments will enjoy Hotwire, and those looking for intense firefights full of attacking, defending, and running your butt off will enjoy Blood Money. Initially I didn’t enjoy this game mode all that much, but as I was playing it to record clips for a video I discovered some very effective strategies and tips.

It’s all about the spawn

In this game mode it is abundantly clear that where you spawn has a huge influence on the outcome of the game. While the smaller maps don’t have vehicles, something you absolutely must do is use the Mobile Command Center when it is available. Whenever I would put it in a subtle spot, somewhat in cover, close to the money, we would keep spawning and rushing in, quickly tipping the momentum in our favor. Now, on the maps where the vehicles aren’t available you have a lot less running to do, which means you need to take my next piece of advice to keep spawns close to the money. Everyone can’t just stroll in, steal a bunch of money, and stroll out. You need players committed to defensive positions, which keeps spawns close to the money in the absence of the Mobile Command Center, and it also allows for more focused strategy instead of just bum-rushing over and over again. So don’t think you’re just going to walk in and out like Brad Pitt and the rest of the gang because it simply won’t work.

This ain’t Oceans Eleven

A mistake that many make when playing this mode is that everyone goes for the money. They do this by either all dog piling on the money which means nobody can shoot back when the enemy shows up, or do the same thing in the enemy’s vault making them just as vulnerable. The games where my team had the most success was when a few of us picked a role of defense and stuck with it. My advice is to get in a squad of 5 and break up in the following ways. First, have two people in defensive positions around the money so when teammates get there they have someone covering them. Second, leave two people at your vault to ensure the precious stolen money doesn’t get taken. Now you might think, “Shouldn’t we wait to defend the vault until we have money in it?” Wrong. The enemy will undoubtedly try to setup shop around your vault which will make things very difficult once teammates start showing up with bags of cash to drop off. Lastly, have one bag man per squad. It draws less attention when you’ve got one guy flying in and out with money instead of a train of dudes. Some of my biggest multi-kills came from enemies flying out of a doorway with bags on their backs hauling tail to their vault and I easily lit them up. So to sum up, each squad of 5 should have 2 defending the money, 2 defending the vault, and 1 money runner. This allows a squad to commit to specific tasks instead of running to and from areas feeling like they are putting out fires and just responding to the enemy instead of controlling the flow of the game.

Squad up and talk

You would think with the way the game is designed and marketed that more people would be mic’d up and talking, but it’s unfortunately very rare to have talking teammates. Now I know many people are partied up, which means they are very likely in party chat. This is why I actually wish, even though it might be slightly annoying, to disallow party chat, forcing partied up players to talk in game. This would create far more communication and cooperation, instead of the consistent experience of talking to a team of silent comrades. In any case, if you want to have success in this game mode you need to be squadded up with buddies and talking or at least hook up with the few people you run into that are actually communicating and working on the objective. I hope these tips and insights help you and that it raises the bar of competition and keeps people working on the objective and pushing for the win. See you on the field!
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