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Battlefield HardlineIt has been two days since the launch of Battlefield Hardline and I have been developing a taste for Hotwire. It’s a fast paced game mode with lots of action and ever-changing engagements. The quick moving pace, however, can make it easy to miss some simple ways to keep the momentum and help your teammates stay on top. Rather than just keep the tips and insights I’ve learned from playing with my friends, I figured I would share them to help more people focus on the objective to help their team win.

First… Get in a vehicle!

This seems obvious, since the point of the game is to drive cars as domination points, but let me explain. One of the patterns I’ve noticed in this mode is once the other team is cruising the map in the captured points, players can tend to get stranded and just keep spawning on each other and staying put, hoping for some epic takedowns. This is okay to a point, and it’s good to have a few well placed trap teams, but it typically ends in a pretty rapid loss if people don’t start jumping into cars. The absolute best decision you can make when you die is to spawn into a vehicle, even if it’s one of the cars at your starting spawn. This is because anyone, regardless of squad, can spawn into the vehicle of a teammate. So you basically place moving and engaged spawn points all over the map instead of slowing any chance of momentum for your team by walking around or staying in cover. Whenever my team fell behind and I would die, if I was on a team that was in lots of vehicles it helped immensely. It’s also the best way to take down captured cars which is your only hope of turning things around. So get in a vehicle!

Second… Get some explosives!

Again, seems obvious, but here are a few simple things you can do. First, I focus on using the Engineer class because it has the repair tool, which is crazy helpful when you’re a passenger, and it comes with a grenade launcher which is very effective at car takedowns. Second, I try to be be patient with my grenade launcher and help keep the cars on my team healthy. Some of my longest and most rewarding runs have been where I keep repairing the car I’m a passenger in and only take my grenade launcher shots when they are the most likely to hit. You stand to get a lot of points by riding along and repairing and being a good point man when it’s time to shoot, so grab some explosives and get to work.

Third… Get out of the car!

Wait, didn’t I just say to get in a vehicle as my first point? Yes, but one of the best things you can do is bailout whenever a teammate rolls you past one of the available capture point cars. It makes me crazy when I have a van full of teammates and I drive past an available car and nobody jumps out. There were numerous times that I decided to jump out instead, which leaves my van full of teammates momentarily stranded and me having to run further than I should. It shouldn’t take much imagination to picture what would happen next: We would all die as a crew of enemies rolled up on us, catching us with our pants down. So, get in my vehicle, but then promptly get the heck out!

Last… Get a helicopter pilot!

Some might think the helicopters are just annoying and non-point impacting, but that would be a mistake. My crew has a very good pilot, Dosi Gotta Gun, and if you’ve played against a team with a consistent helicopter presence you know the impact on the game it can have. There is another side to this coin, and you may not want to hear it, but… Stay out of the helicopter if it isn’t your strong suit. If you can make simple passes and turns, allowing your gunners to take out vehicles, then great! But if you can’t manage the controls, then quit jumping in and embarrassing yourself and irritating your teammates. So rather than blowing up a useful tool and killing your buddies, just stick to the above advice I gave about driving, using the Engineer and explosives.

I hope these tips and pieces of advice help you and your squad mates bag some fun and exciting wins, and I hope it raises the bar of competition. What tips and input do you have for the Hotwire game mode?

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