Stop Pre-Ordering Season Passes

Watch Dogs Season PassVideo games continue to increase and add to their worlds and titles with extra downloadable content after a game launches. It can be an easy way to provide extended experiences, add more to the story, and make some relatively easy profit. However, something strange and somewhat sinister has become more common with every big release. For a while games have been offering a season pass, which is a great way for someone to snag all the extra content at a slight discount. More recently though, games have been offering the discount along with other alluring incentives and day one content when you pre-order the season pass.

Did you save room for dessert?

The biggest and most obvious problem with this practice is that it motivates people to fully commit a significant amount of money for a game they haven’t even touched yet. Now, obviously players already do this, in a sense, when they drop $60 to pre-order a game that could be fraught with problems or fail to deliver. But it does seem a little suspect that some of the most disappointing titles offered a massive amount of pre-launch content and season pass incentives. *AHEM* WATCH DOGS *AHEM*

Pre-ordering a season pass is like paying in advance for dessert at a restaurant you’ve never been to. Sure, you’re going there for dinner and will probably drop a good amount of money on drinks and a main course. But until you’ve sat down, tasted the food, and experienced the service, how could you possibly know if you want to commit to buying dessert? Not to mention you may just be too full because the food was really good, but you’ve simply had enough. Video games can be a lot like this. It all looks and sounds great, but committing before tasting is a risky decision. Or like I said, you can just feel “full” and not really feel like scooping up and diving into extra content. I really enjoyed Far Cry 4, but I’m still not sure about the Season Pass because the game felt complete and satisfying, and I still have a lot of side missions left.

Cook Longer, Hold the Hype

It is far better to get deep into a game and really soak it in before committing money to more content. With the current trend of botched launches and under delivered titles, gamers should be much more cautious with our DLC purchases. We need to stop rewarding hype and bogus incentives and show companies that pre-ordering season passes is going to decrease until games start convincing us that it’s worth it. Or even better, show them we aren’t even interested in extra content until the game delivers on its promises. Don’t underestimate the power of you and your friends not purchasing something.

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