Why You Want the First Borderlands on Next-gen

BorderlandsIf you haven’t guessed it yet, Borderlands is my favorite game franchise. The games are jam packed with content, replayability, great graphics, top notch voice acting, and a narrative that strikes a brilliant balance between humorous and serious. I have already said that the Handsome Collection is great news for gamers, but now I turn to why you should buy it: because Randy Pitchford basically said good sales will probably bring the first Borderlands to next-gen as well.

We Got Guns Over Here!

Similar to the argument I made in my post about why the Handsome Collection coming to next-gen is such good news for gamers, here is why you want this awesome gritty old game to come to next gen. It will prove something I’ve already claimed: graphics don’t matter. If Borderlands can come to next-gen and dominate sales, YouTube channels, and twitch accounts, it will unequivocally prove that a fun experience and lots of content is what matters to gamers. It will also continue to increase the trend and popularity of co-op games. The Xbox One is adding more and more communal and sharing features, so games should fall into this vein with a cooperative and team based focus.

It’s like Christmas!

Much like the Handsome Collection the first Borderland could drop with a mountain of content with all the extra DLC. This again could show what gamers want: lots of content. This is why you want the first Borderlands to come to next- gen, because it would be good for you and games in general.

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